We’ve been working for peace since 2004. Help us continue.

Mar 17, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity with Tim’s memory and peace for all,
Mike Fox 


Help Us Make Peace a Reality


Our founding Executive Director, the late Tim Carpenter and Rep. Barbara Lee

Our founding Executive Director, the late Tim Carpenter, built PDA on a foundation of peace— domestically and internationally—and an end to wars of aggression and occupation.

Since 2004 we’ve never strayed from this objective, and whether it’s in Ukraine, Yemen, or any other place where people are dying in the name of politics, we will continue to work to bring about peaceful solutions.

I’m sure Tim would have wanted to think that by now—over 15 years later—we would have evolved as a species to the point where war was just a bad memory.

Alas, the struggle continues.

So please help us grow our efforts to bring peace to Ukraine and every other square inch of the planet. We’re working in the streets, in the suites, and by supporting peace-loving candidates like our Advisory Board member and arguably the strongest voice for peace in Congress, Barbara Lee. (Tim and Rep. Lee in the photo.)

Please toss in all that you can right now to help us bring the kind of peace we all want, and make it monthly if you can, as this has been a long slog, and is looking like it will continue to be.