We’re For Impeachment. Are You?

Aug 8, 2019

In solidarity towards justice and rule of law for all,  Mike Fox for Alan, Dr. Bill, Dan, Janis, Deb, Bryan, Kimberly, Mike H. and Shayna — your PDA National Staff

When we polled our activists months ago, 84% were in favor of an impeachment hearing, and we’ve only seen more evidence of wrongdoing since then, from obstruction of justice to instituting a border policy that is tantamount to child abuse.

It’s well beyond time to act on this, so let’s get to work.

1) In The Field: Are you up for helping to hold a public event in your area, bird dog your congress person at public events during August recess, or drop a pre-written letter off to your local congressional office?  Let us know.

2) On The Phone: Will you make short calls to congressional offices or to fellow PDA activists in favor of impeachment?  Let us know.

3) On The Internet:  Will you email your House Member and share with your friends?  Click here.  Work social media?  Click here.

4) Can’t Volunteer?  Then please make your dollars be heard here.

This isn’t about party.  It isn’t about politics.  It’s about Rule Of Law, and whether or not we all do our job to make sure Congress does it’s job.  Nobody is above the law, and especially not a president.  If we’re going to put so much power into the hands of one person — regardless of who that person is — then we must provide the check against an over reaching and corrupt executive.

Our grandchildren will ask us about this.


  1. Walter Seely

    Congress needs to do the Constitutionally right thing and impeach this incompetent and divisive president now!

  2. Marla Barlow

    Crimes against humanity. Yes impeach