We’re About To Make History In Florida.

Jan 26, 2018

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

First Ever
Florida Healthcare Summit
Fri., Feb. 16 And Sat., Feb. 17
Come Make History With Us!

Given Gov. Scott’s decisions that have kept thousands of Floridians from receiving the healthcare they need, along with Trumpco’s attacks on the ACA, healthcare is a vital issue in Florida.

And we’re going to address the problems, identify solutions, and most importantly spring to action, at the first ever Florida Healthcare Summit.

A huge and growing coalition of national and state organizations including Our Revolution, National Nurses United, Healthcare Now, National Organization For Women, Social Security Works, and of course our own Progressive Democrats Of America, and others are developing a space where federal and state solutions to our healthcare woes are discussed, and activists energized and organized to hit the streets running when they leave.

Additional speakers include Congresswoman Lois Frankel, Bernie Sanders economist Alex Lawson (Executive Director, Social Security Works),  Natalie Jackson (Civil Rights Attorney And Council For Trayvon Martin), Attorney General Candidate Ryan Torrens, Congressional Candidate Tim Canova, Arlene Englehart (Former Director of Pacifica Radio) and PDA’s Dr. Bill Honigman, along with little ol’ me.  And the list is growing as you read this.

You’ll hear some of the most inspirational and informative speakers in the progressive movement  and will leave with a sense of purpose and vision that will make a real difference locally and across the state.

Florida Healthcare Summit

Fri., Feb. 16 and Sat., Feb. 17
Embassy Suites Hotel
1601 Belvedere Rd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
(Discounted rooms available at the Embassy Suites, and less expensive options available within easy driving distance with plenty of parking.)

Here’s How You Get Your Special PDA Tickets:

1) Use this link and make sure you order as a PDA Guest.  (PDA gets a portion of the proceeds, PLUS we’ll toss some cool swag at you when you’re at the show.)
2) Consider if you have enough friends to purchase a table at one of the keynote dinners.  Perks galore, there.  If you’re interested, reply to this email to let me know.
Still not convinced?  Get more specifics on the program at the website, but then PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE THIS LINK when you order your tickets so you get the the free swag, and PDA get’s the donation. 

Can’t Make The Show But Want To Help Sponsor It?
We want to have Dr. Bill and a few hard working PDA volunteers come in from across the country, but we need to get their discount travel and accommodations covered.  We’re trying to raise $1,000 today on that effort.  Please throw what you can in here to help us reach/exceed that goal.   Any donation of $100 or more get’s mentioned in the show program.  Any amount greatly appreciated!

Questions?  Reply to this email and I’ll be happy to help.

Hope to shake your hand at the Summit!

In solidarity for healthcare as a human right,

Mike Fox
Deputy Exec. Director/FL State Coordinator