Weekly Recap: Republicans Revel In Racism, Divisiveness

Aug 29, 2020

In solidarity,

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The Republican Convention confirmed what we already knew: Trump and his enabling Trumpublicans are white supremacist outlaws who lack even a passing regard for common decency. Their speeches were replete with racism. Trump’s appropriation of the White House as a backdrop for his speech on “law and order” violated federal law.

Let’s be clear. Trump didn’t invent this racist strategy. Republicans have relied on racism to scare whites into voting against their own economic interests for generations. Trump and Trumpublicans lifted their themes from Nixon’s infamous, racist “Southern Strategy.” Reagan reprised that racist approach in 1980, continuing a political career based on racism as well as red baiting against Social Security, Medicare, and the Civil Rights Act.

The Republicans are once again relying on racism, largely race-based voter suppression, and other divide-and-conquer tactics to maintain their grip on political power. If the Trumpublicans can game the system again, they will inevitably unleash waves of regressive racial, economic, health, and environmental policies that will drive the United States further backward. We cannot let that happen!

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Tell Your Senators We Need Elections We Can Trust

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Progress on racial justice, climate, voting rights, and everything else is extremely difficult with a climate denying white supremacist White House. Trump and his cult of heartless extremists keep causing more destruction as Election Day rapidly approaches.

We need your help today and every month to elect compassionate, progressive leaders to repair the incalculable damage right-wingers keep causing day after day.

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