Weekly Recap: Impeachment, War, Debates, Primaries, and More!

Feb 1, 2020

In solidarity,  Mike Hersh, Dan O’Neal, and Debra Schrishuhn for Alan, Mike F., Janis, Donna, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA National Team

Prevent War, Demand Fair Impeachment,
and Stop Trump’s Hateful, Racist Wall!


During this past week, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) stepped up our activism on the most important issues and increased our organizing to elect progressives to office.

Yesterday’s expected but horrendous vote by nearly all Republican Senators to suppress evidence and block witness testimony in the Trump impeachment trial defied historic norms and subverted our constitutional checks and balances. Their partisan action constitutes a cover up in defiance of 75% of Americans.

In every previous impeachment trial—for judges, presidents, and so on—witnesses testified and documents were considered. Why not this time? Because all but a few Republican Senators voted to obstruct justice. What are they so afraid of if the facts, witnesses, and documents would exonerate Trump as they’ve claimed?

We must hold them accountable by defeating every single Cover Up Republican at the polls this year, in 2022, and every election year until they’re all removed from office.

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As my colleagues Debra Schrishuhn and Dan O’Neal shared: Trump’s blatant disdain for our Constitution continues to erode and unravel the fabric of our institutions.

We must hold this administration responsible for its criminal disregard for the rule of law and Constitutional limits on power. How do we do this?

Some background:

The Trump Administration’s reckless and illegal assassination of highly ranked Iranian and Iraqi leaders on Iraqi soil has had terrible, unintended consequences. It made Iran appear lawful, measured, and ethical in its response, and united the Iranian and Iraqi peoples in disgust with American policy and—by extension—with Americans.

Purported “evidence” of an imminent attack as rationale for the assassinations is “razor-thin,” according to officials subsequently briefed, and the timing suggests a more self-serving motive to divert attention from Trump’s actually imminent impeachment trial.

In sadly predictable fashion, U.S. Border Patrol officers have begun targeting Americans of Iranian descent for harassment and detention, continuing this Administration’s cycle of bigotry, persecution, and xenophobic exclusion.

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration continues building its racist and demonstrably ineffective border wall along the southern border. On Wednesday, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stayed a December injunction, allowing the Administration to spend disputed appropriations on the Wall.

Ignoring environmental, safety, and fair-bidding regulations, the Trump administration is pursuing eminent domain declarations to wrest private land from American landowners in the border states. Congress must act to halt this dangerous idiocy.

Join us demanding accountability for Trump’s reckless and premeditated assaults on our Constitution and way of life.

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