Weekly Recap: Bernie Suspends, Our COVID-19 Emergency Response

Apr 11, 2020

Solidarity, Mike Hersh and Dr. Bill Honigman for Alan, Mike F., Dan, Donna, Janis, Deb, Bryan, and Kimberly—Your PDA National Team

PDA’s Healthcare Emergency Virtual Town Hall
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With Bernie Sanders suspending his campaign, it falls upon all of us to push ever forward advancing the essential grassroots people-powered movement he did so much to invigorate. Sadly, we know that absent our intensive and persistent pressure, establishment politicians and institutions will fail to provide for our human needs.

We founded Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) to bring the righteous passion and moral clarity of “outside” progressive movements for peace and justice “inside” the corridors of power to make the insiders listen to your voice and deliver what we demand. Now, we all must act decisively like never before.

As we all struggle to cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic, corporate special interests and their allies keep cutting ahead of the line to receive generous bailouts at our expense. These well-connected oligarchs assume they can take advantage of yet another crisis, cashing in even as nurses and other frontline healthcare professionals risk and lose their lives.

We must step up our pressure and do all we can to compel Congress and the Administration to adopt fair and appropriate policies that reflect science, common sense, and human decency.

This shouldn’t be a struggle, but let’s face facts. So-called “Compromise” emergency response legislation to date falls far short of what we need to survive.

Act now! Demand Protections for Nurses
and Other Frontline Health Professionals

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Protect Nurses, Patients, and the Public Health

Easter Sunday, Join Our Emergency Healthcare Webinar
April 12th, 4-5pm ET, 1-2pm PT—RSVP to Mike Fox

Protect Healthcare Professionals! Make Calls For
The COVID-19 Health Care Worker Protection Act

We urge you to keep yourself and other people safe during this pandemic. Self-quarantine and maintain safe social distance, wear masks and gloves, etc. to help “flatten the curve.” Do all you can to limit the spread of the virus. But that isn’t enough.

When healthcare professionals are getting sick and dying, it’s not just emotionally devastating. It also underscores the horrendous risks they and we all are facing, due to the continued failure of our elected officials to respond courageously or effectively. This despite widely understood facts about the pandemic and what we must do.

We need immediate action by Congress and the White House to halt the spread of the Novel Coronavirus to nurses and other healthcare professionals. Right now, nurses, doctors, clinicians, and others on the front lines are dying.

Contact your Senators and Representative via the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202)-224-3121. An operator will connect you directly with the offices you request.

== Here is a script and talking points ==

Hi, my name is (your name), and I’m a constituent from (your town/city and state). Thank you for passing previous legislation to address the pandemic. Unfortunately, that is not enough. Now, we need you to go much further.

I’m calling to ask (your elected official) to insist that the next COVID-19 relief bill contain full protections for frontline health workers, patients, and the public during this crisis—as is necessary to contain this pandemic. Specifically:

  1. The next legislation must include a mandate for issuance and strict enforcement of new comprehensive, stringent federal occupational safety and health standards to protect health care workers.
  2. The legislation must also appropriate at least $10 billion specifically to deliver effective respirators (like N95s) to nurses and other frontline healthcare professionals.

Thank you.

== End of script ==

PDA invites you to join us for a Healthcare Emergency online town hall / webinars every Sunday and Wednesday, 4-5pm ET, 1-2pm PT. Join us tomorrow and save the date for April 15th.

Tomorrow, Dr. Bill Honigman and guest speakers address your concerns and answer your questions about the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. Wednesday we’ll be joined by John Nichols—from MSNBC and The Nation—and Stephanie Kang, Health Policy Advisor for Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

Find out what we’re doing in response to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, and how you can help. Please contact Mike Fox to RSVP to join TOMORROW’s Emergency Healthcare Webinar. You must RSVP. The access codes, phone numbers, etc. have changed.

Can’t make the call but still want to help our healthcare campaigns? Contact us and we’ll keep you as busy as you’d like to be.

Can’t volunteer? Then pitch in what you can to help finance our ongoing campaign for Medicare For All and other health policies we need to effectively respond to the pandemic, to promote an equitable economic recovery, and to upgrade our healthcare system.

Medicare For All (MFA) is a vital component of the comprehensive Green New Dealagenda. To ensure our immediate and long-term survival, we need the Green New Deal.That initiative features policies to create millions of new highly-paid sustainable jobs, to build critically-needed infrastructure, to eliminate household debt, and to enhance our social safety net.

We must also suspend ICE raids and mass incarceration, as well as restructure our economy and politics to respect and recognize the value of every person—not let the powerful oligarchs continue plundering and abusing the majority.

PDA is working with National Nurses United (NNU) and our other coalition partners organizing virtual town halls, press conferences, legislative briefings, national mobilization efforts, call-in days, media strategies, grassroots lobbying efforts, and more to gain support for the legislation we need. The pandemic presents unique challenges, but we shall overcome.

We need an empowered, progressive mass movement to demand the policies and government responses needed to save lives and rebuild our shattered economy. We need your active support to get there.


P.S.: Please remember to RSVP to Mike Fox to join our Healthcare Emergency Virtual Town Hall / Webinar TOMORROW, Sunday 4/12 from 4-5pm ET, 1-2pm PT. Mike will provide all the call-in information. Then, join PDA investing to enact Medicare For All and science-based, effective, emergency COVID-2019 response policies.