We Won Nevada! Now The Hard Part Starts.

Feb 23, 2020

photo: PDA’s Dr. Bill Honigman With Bernie And National Nurses United Nurses

In solidarity,  Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Dr. Bill, Dan, Donna, and Janis—your PDA national team.

Our Movement Celebrated A Stunning Victory
Now, The Hardest Part Of Our Journey Begins
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Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) helped spark the Bernie Sanders-inspired political revolution. We founded PDA in 2004 because we were concerned that fundamental progressive values—Medicare For All, stopping Global Warming, ending wars and occupations, economic and social justice—were lost behind the neoliberalism and neoconservatism holding sway in both major parties.

We launched our Run Bernie Run Campaign in 2014 and successfully “drafted” Bernie to run. It’s appropriate that Bernie’s smashing victory in Nevada came yesterday on February 22nd—the anniversary of George Washington’s birth.

Like our first president, our next president warns against partisanship supplanting the public interest, and condemns foreign adventurism because it endangers the public good. Many things have changed since the days of George Washington, but bedrock ideals and principles remain.

PDA supports progressive candidates as well as policies for fundamental systemic change to curtail greed and meet human needs. If you agree with our essential mission, then please pitch in automatically every month to help empower our efforts to expand and empower the progressive movement.

Not supporting Bernie for President? No worries, let Mike Fox know. He’ll get you active with our organizing for a Progressive Congressional Wave.

Bernie won the most votes in Iowa and New Hampshire, and he overwhelmingly won in Nevada. That’s amazing and we should all be proud of our activism that helped make that happen. Now, the road becomes much tougher. When you challenge a multi-trillion dollar system with nearly all the levers of power at its disposal, you must anticipate ferocious attacks. They’re already coming for us.

Pete Buttigieg actually accused PDA of being a “dark money group!” It gets worse. Chris Matthews, the longest-standing MSNBC host, literally compared our movement for justice to Nazi Germany attacking France, and claimed we’ll “execute” him for being a millionaire.

Meet The Press host Chuck Todd called us “brown shirts,” and an unending parade of cable news pundits demonize us every hour of every day. We must ready ourselves to survive this all-out onslaught against our movement.

PDA is free to speak up and speak out when disingenuous pundits and corporate media hacks attack, because we don’t accept money from corporations or other regressive entities.

If you agree someone must remain independent and free to refute these misleading narratives and set the record straight, then sign up to make automatic monthly donations to empower PDA’s truth-telling advocacy for our transformational, diverse, people-powered movement.

Like PDA, Bernie Sanders has an established record of standing up to the big-money interests who have far too much control over our economic and political lives. Bernie is bringing forth common sense solutions to our common challenges, winning the Democratic Primaries, and changing our politics for the better.

Bernie has a deep understanding of the systemic problems we face. We agree with him when he says, “Most people have given up on the political process. They understand the political deck is stacked against them. They think there is no particular reason for them to come out and vote—and they don’t.”

In a very real sense, PDA’s Run Bernie Run campaign persuaded Bernie to run for president—and without us it might have never happened. PDA also encourages progressive champions to run for the House and Senate.

If you support PDA’s sustained hard work to give voters a reason to vote, then please pitch in each month to sustain our efforts. We support Bernie’s candidacy and several other outspoken progressives.

Our job is to help bring together a massive grassroots populist / progressive coalition that can win elections and transform our political and economic systems so they work for everyone—not just the oligarchs.

That’s been PDA’s mission since our founding. If you support our mission, please sustain our work with an automatic monthly donation. We need 100 new automatic monthly donations before Super Tuesday (March 3rd) to pay for:

  • Travel and housing so PDA activists can canvass for progressive candidates
  • Rally signs, buttons, bumperstickers, and other items to get the message out
  • Online tools including websites, action alerts, webinars, web-conferences, and media outreach
  • Organizers to empower you and other volunteers to achieve important victories

We need your sustained, monthly support so we can plan, budget, and expand our activism. Are you in this struggle for the long haul? If so, please pitch in by making automatic donations every month!

With your generous support, PDA will not only maintain our efforts; we will step up our activism on your behalf during this most critically important election cycle.

We need your generous support to succeed. Please pitch in now to sustain PDA’s ongoing and expanding work. We can’t do anything without you. Now is the time to invest in our movement with automatic sustainer donations!

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