We Need Secure Elections To End Trump’s Reign Of Terror

Jun 2, 2018

By  Mike Hersh for Mike F., Donna, Judy, Dr. Bill, Janis, Dan, Deb, Kimberly, and Bryan—Your PDA National Team

Sign The Election Security Petition!

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) was founded in 2004 to champion important progressive policies—including clean, fair, transparent elections—and to help elect progressive candidates. We’re working to build a progressive blue wave, and we need you to step up now to help ensure that our votes are counted as cast. Our voting systems remain vulnerable. We can’t risk another tainted / tampered / misdirected election!  

Please Sign The Election Security Petition!

From our coalition for election security:

For years, experts have warned that American elections are vulnerable to attack. The 2016 election showed that hostile nations will try to undermine our democracy. Congress must take these four immediate steps to secure our elections:

1) Audit elections to verify that ballots are counted and reported correctly;

2) Require paper ballots (or, at least, paper receipts for electronic ballots);

3) Enact national vote-by-mail;

4) Develop a national response to foreign attacks on our election systems

Our elections are facing threats – foreign and domestic – and it’s more critical than ever that Congress act to ensure the integrity of our votes and protect our democratic values.

Sign our petition: Demand Congress protect American democracy and secure our elections! If you can do more than just sign and share the petition, and would like to be a part of our election integrity team, reply to this email.

Tell Congress To Impeach Trump

Here are just some of the egregious violations of law, public trust, and / or common sense and decency, and what you can do about it. Overturning Net Neutrality, DACA and Iran nuclear deal, attacking healthcare programs, as well as attacking Syria and derailing peace talks with North Korea—all apparently on either a petulant whim or else from some obsessive vendetta against President Obama, possibly both.

Trump is greedily and recklessly outsourcing our policy—foreign and domestic—to multinational corporations and foreign interests. This including scheming to subvert our elections and bartering favors for Trump family businesses in exchange for concessions at America’s expense—in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Tell Congress To Investigate And Impeach Trump

Trump keeps directing Republican Congress members—led by Rep. Devin Nunez—top administration officials, and spokespeople like Rudolph Giuliani to attack the media and investigators, stonewall fact finding efforts, and obstruct Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into wrongdoing by Trump and his campaign. Tell Congress: Don’t Let Trump Fire Mueller

Trump’s appetite for demolition has only increased since a fluke in the Electoral College thrust him into power as he:

Appointed climate denier and friend to polluters Scott Pruitt to run the Environmental Protection Agency, someone who not only perverted the mission of the EPA but also plundered taxpayers’ money for his personal enrichment. Tell Congress To Get Us Off Fossil Fuels.

Appointed public education enemy Betsy DeVos to run the Department of Education despite her financial ties to private education and other conflicts of interest including those that led her to undermine public schools and roll back standards to protect women on college campuses. Help Stop The War On Our Children.

Appointed extremist Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, and demanded the Senate tear up rules written by Thomas Jefferson to ram through his confirmation on a party line vote. Gorsuch wasted no time attacking basic civil, labor and human rights and advancing other elitist, intolerant policies—including spouting the NRA line against common sense gun safety. Tell Congress: End The Gunfire Slaughter.

Help us build a progressive blue wave. Contribute to our Win 2018 Action Fund. Also, sign up to make easy, effective get out the vote (GOTV) calls. Mike “Phone Guy” Fox will help you make a huge difference during the primaries currently underway.

Together we can and will bring this international nightmare to an end!

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh for Mike F., Donna, Judy, Dr. Bill, Janis, Dan, Deb, Kimberly, and Bryan—Your PDA National Team

P.S. We’re here to help you make progress in your state and locality! If you need help organizing a new PDA chapter or energizing your existing chapter, please contact PDA Field Coordinator Dan O’Neal. Join the PDA Phone Team making easy, effective calls from your own home with Mike “Phone Guy” Fox. Also please pitch in $1000, $100, or whatever you can afford to support our organizing.

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