We Need Medicare For All Champions in Congress

Oct 30, 2020

by Dr. Bill for the PDA National Team

Do you believe that Healthcare is a Human Right?

We at PDA do.

That’s because we believe in science, hard evidence, and fact-based social science, like that driving over 200 prominent economists last year to sign a letter in support of #MedicareForAll as the most meaningful way to achieve #UniversalHealthcare, where all of the people get all of the care, and where we can put into place a #SinglePayer system that will save money–not cost more–and will save lives.

#COVID19 has magnified the importance of this need, as it has the need for an all-encompassing plan like a new New Deal or the #GreenNewDeal to guarantee not just healthcare as a human right, but education and jobs for all, housing for all, renewable energy for all, and especially justice for all, in this the richest nation on earth, and particularly now at this critical time in human history.

And here in the few last days of the 2020 fall elections, we want to call attention to these progressive candidate champions who understand what that means, and are unabashedly running for office on these principles.

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Thank you so much for anything you can do.