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May 7, 2021 | PDA News

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Dr. Bill Honigman for the PDA National Team

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Sunday, 4pm ET/1pm PT

COVID19Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) recognizes mothers this week in the spirit of the original “Mother’s Day Proclamation” written in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe as a reaction to the wanton loss of life in the Franco-Prussian War and our own American Civil War, as we relate to the now known 250,000-plus preventable U.S. deaths from #COVID19 for lack of #MedicareForAll in this country.

Mothers know better than anyone what it means to lose a child, and we hold Big Insurance and Big Pharma primarily at fault now for this assault on their collective offspring.

For the sake of all mothers and all children of mothers, we need our leaders to follow what the people now want, #SinglePayer expanded and improved Medicare For All, a system that provides healthcare to everyone in the U.S., regardless of one’s personal circumstances, solely because you are human, and in a civilized society that is your right.

Join us to discuss next steps in how we get there, this Mother’s Day Sunday and every Sunday until this healthcare crisis is behind us, for the PDA Healthcare Emergency Online Town Hall Sunday May 9 4pm ET/1pm PT. Our special guest this week is Dr. Chuck Pennacchio, Ph.D., reporting on the soon to be re-introduced legislation known as the State Based Universal Health Care (SBUHC) Act, and our invited guest is Will McKelvey, Senior Legislative Assistant and Policy Advisor to Rep. Ro Khanna, D-CA.

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Hope to see you Sunday!

PS: See previous Town Halls archived on YouTube here.