We “Drafted” Bernie to Run in 2016, and We Need Your Sustaining Support Now!

Feb 16, 2020

photo: PDA’s Dr. Bill Honigman With Bernie
And National Nurses United (NNU)

In solidarity,  Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Dr. Bill, Dan, Donna, and Janis—your PDA national team.

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“This country faces more serious problems than at any time since the Great Depression, and there is a horrendous lack of serious political discourse or ideas out there that can address these crises, and that somebody has got to represent the working-class and the middle-class of this country.”

The above quote is from Bernie Sanders on the occasion of his first official announcement that he would run for president. That announcement kicked off his historic 2016 campaign, and marked a stunning achievement by Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) two years in the making.

The next several weeks will be among the most important in recent U.S. political history! If we help Bernie win the nomination and the presidency, that will open unprecedented opportunities.

If you agree with PDA and Bernie that we need systemic reform to end racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other forms of bigotry and inequality—not more business as usual—then please pitch in automatically every month to help empower our We Want Bernie efforts and expand the progressive movement.

Not supporting Bernie for President? No worries, let Mike Fox know. He’ll get you active with our organizing for a Progressive Congressional Wave.

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) launched our “Run Bernie Run” campaign in 2014, including a massive petition drive and pushing events all around the nation with one purpose: to overcome Bernie’s reluctance to run.

We built support for this historic candidacy, gathering 10,000s of petition signatures, holding town hall meetings and house parties in several states, and through social media and a website.

In a very real sense, PDA persuaded Bernie to run for president—and without us he might have never jumped in. PDA also encourages progressive champions to run for the House and Senate.

If you understand how important PDA has been to building and empowering progressives, then please show your support now with a sustaining automatic monthly donation.

Bernie Sanders has an established record of standing up to the big-money interests who have so much power over the economic and political life of this country. He will bring common sense solutions to common challenges into the Democratic debates.

Bernie has long shown a deep understanding of the systemic problems we face. We agree with him when he says, “Most people have given up on the political process. They understand the political deck is stacked against them. They think there is no particular reason for them to come out and vote—and they don’t.”

If you support PDA’s work to give voters a reason to vote, then please pitch in each month to sustain our efforts. We support Bernie’s candidacy because he knows that his job as a candidate is to help bring together a massive grassroots populist / progressive coalition that can win elections and transform politics.

That’s been PDA’s mission since our founding in 2004. If you support our mission, please sustain our work with an automatic monthly donation.

We need 100 automatic monthly donations today to pay for:

  • Travel and housing so PDA activists can canvass for progressive candidates
  • Rally signs, buttons, bumper stickers, and other items to get the message out
  • Online tools including websites, action alerts, webinars, conferences, and more
  • Organizers to empower you and other volunteers to achieve important victories

We need your sustained, monthly support so we can plan, budget, and expand our activism. Are you in this struggle for the long haul? If so, please pitch in by making automatic donations every month!

With your help, PDA will step up our activism on your behalf during this most critically important election cycle. Please pitch in generously now to sustain PDA’s ongoing and expanding work! We can’t do anything without you. Now is the time to invest in our We Want Bernie campaign with automatic sustainer donations!

Please send checks to:

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Make sure to include your phone number, employer and occupation—write “self employed,” “retired,” etc. if that’s appropriate.

Questions? Can’t make a donation right now, but still want to help? Email Mike Fox

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