We Celebrate Our Victory! …Then We Get Back to Work Building a Progressive Future

Nov 8, 2020

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for your PDA National Team


The Best Way to Vanquish Trumpism for Good

is By Building a More Equitable and Just America

There can be no overstatement of the significance of defeating Donald Trump. He single-handedly pushed American politics to the brink, presenting a challenge to our democratic practices and our constitutional republic very similar to other right-wing demagogues across the world over the past century. Ours is a great victory!

Yet a figure like Trump does not arise in a vacuum. His presidency was the product of the circumstances in which he ascended to power. We must have no illusions about that. The Democratic Party must get to work to change those circumstances for the better or it will hemorrhage support like it did after the election of the last two Democratic Presidents.

Think about the broad range of constituencies who were essential to Joe Biden’s victory. If those constituencies remain as committed as they were this past week, the Democrats cannot lose going forward.

First and foremost among these were Black women, who turned out in record numbers and overwhelmingly voted Democratic — lifting the presidential ticket to victory in numerous swing states.

Similarly Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona are now blue — and Texas is headed that way — thanks to the spectacular rise of the Latino vote.

Arizona would have still been lost by the Democrats without overwhelming support from Indigenous voters.

Youth turnout was massive across the nation; given the small margin of victory in so many states, it’s clear that the day would have been lost without it.

Finally, all evidence (such as the near total collapse of the Green Party vote) suggests that progressives and Bernie Sanders supporters came through big time for the Biden-Harris ticket.

All of this raises the question, will the Democratic Party respond to the needs of these constituencies that lifted them to victory — or, as has so often happened in the past, will little change?

That’s where PDA comes in. We will work non-stop, both inside and outside the Democratic Party, advocating in solidarity with the communities and constituencies who stood together and defeated Donald Trump.

It’s what’s best for the country, the world, and the Democratic Party.

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In solidarity,