We Applaud the Ceasefire, and Call for a Progressive Foreign Policy

May 23, 2021 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

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Something seemed to shift this past week.  For the first time in memory, strong progressive voices inside the Democratic Party had an apparent impact on U S Foreign Policy at the highest levels. 

When President Biden fell short of demanding a cease fire from Israel, Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar would not be silent – and many other members of Congress, including Bernie Sanders, assured they were not alone. The international community of nations, who joined with American progressives in this message, were not casually dismissed in American media as so often has been the case – and within two days President Biden strengthened his demand, and within a day, Israel agreed to a ceasefire. Who says the US position doesn’t influence Israel?  

Who still thinks progressives can’t influence U S foreign policy?

But this can only be the beginning.  After all, these were the first two weeks during the Biden Presidency when foreign policy was a central focus.  All too often, foreign affairs falls out of mind and out of sight – which serves the status quo policies that uphold the international ruling classes and the US military industrial complex.

We, at PDA, are different.  We never lose our focus on foreign policy and we never relent in our call to shift US priorities away from militarism and towards human rights, international law, and the greatest existential threat to us all, the climate emergency.

Help sustain PDA’s work to win a truly progressive foreign policy.  It takes organizing, analysis, and resources to take on the foreign policy status quo.

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  1. Julieanna

    The Israeli APARTHEID must end. One way for it to be dismantled is for the USA to take that stand and withhold all funding and weaponry (how much is really necessary anyway) from Israel until the Apartheid is dissolved.

    How to get there is the challenge. It must be done. Apartheid and its accompanying oppressions, e.g., stealing of homes, land, and resources – is the root cause of this decades-long conflict, and will only keep the fighting going as long as Apartheid is controlling the region.

    Thank you for addressing this issue!