Victory in West Virginia!

Jun 10, 2020

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh and Mike Fox for Alan, Donna, Dr. Bill, Kim, Janis, Deb, Dan, and Bryan—Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team


Big Win For Paula Jean And Us All!
Next Step: Victory November 3rd
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We’re fired up by a huge primary victory by PDA-endorsed candidate Paula Jean Swearengin in West Virginia. We support Paula Jean because she’s a courageous, smart, caring leader. Her priorities are our priorities.

Paula Jean with AOC—Help PDA
Bring “Squad Goals” to the Senate!

She’s fighting to:

  • End corruption in Washington,
  • Create decent paying jobs with benefits and building a diverse economy,
  • Enact Medicare for All,
  • End the addiction epidemic and hold big-pharma and our leadership accountable,
  • Ensure clean water for our citizens, and
  • Enact a comprehensive plan to modernize our infrastructure.

Paula Jean says, “It’s time the people of West Virginia had a U.S. Senator that upholds the basics of human values and is focused on doing the people’s work. That’s why our campaign isn’t accepting a dime from corporations or favors from lobbyists. We are 100% people-funded! That’s where supporters like you come in.”

Please pitch in as much as you can afford right now, and sign up to make easy, effective phone calls from your own home to help Paula Jean beat a right wing Trumpublican on Election Day. Just email Mike Fox with the day(s) you can jump on the phones.

Bringing the party back to its progressive roots, one victory at a time!