Urgent: Call your Senators NOW!

Jun 3, 2021 | PDA News, Rapid Response

From peace activists, Marcy Winograd and Medea Benjamin

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Please, amend or vote NO on Schumer’s “US Innovation and Competition Act of 2021” to remove the anti-China rhetoric, the expansion of the Pentagon into the South China Sea, and attacks on academic freedom.

In between appropriations for technology and STEM programs, Senator Schumer’s anti-China bill budgets $600 million to ramp up “combat-credible” “forward-deployed” (p. 871) forces in the Indo-Pacific (37 countries/islands around China). It sends more missiles and weapons to those countries and makes Taiwan sovereignty a top priority (recipe for war, nuclear war).

The bill (page 1409) also threatens to deny $$$ to universities that receive donations from the Chinese and establishes as US policy (page 669) that schools and state legislatures will “remain vigilant” and “identify the risks posed by the undue influence of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in the US.”


Opinion: Schumer’s Anti-China Bill Sacrifices Climate for Empire


Marcy Winograd and Medea Benjamin