Today is International Women’s Day: Inspire Inclusion

Mar 8, 2024 | PDA News

Celebrate Women’s Rights Around the World!


International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8 as a focal point in the women’s rights movement, focusing on issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women around the world.
We celebrate France as they enshrine the right to an abortion in their constitution today. French President Emmanuel Macron called it a direct result of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2022 rescinding long-held abortion rights. What happens in the U.S. has repercussions far beyond our shores.
Events around the world prioritize gender equality, protest violence against women, and advocate for women’s rights as workers.
PDA salutes these efforts as we continue to fight for women’s reproductive rights. and for earning parity in the workplace.
Volunteer and/or donate today.
In solidarity,
Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team