This Sunday: Why An Economic Bill of Rights will Transform America. Join us!

Aug 18, 2023 | PDA News

Join us Sunday at 4pm ET / 1pm PT at our weekly Town Hall. The Featured Guest will be economist Mark Paul, who along with PDA, is an advocate for a 21st-Century Economic Bill of Rights. RSVP Now!


Mark_Paul.pngThe Progressive Left can become the dominant force in American politics by leading with Its economic platform, anchored by a 21st-Century Economic Bill of Rights, according to Mark Paul, author of the excellent new book: The Ends of Freedom: Reclaiming America’s Lost Promise of Economic Rights.

Mark is one of the most dynamic young progressive economists in the country; and he is the featured guest on this week’s PDA Progressive Town Hall. A fierce critic of the market fundamentalism that has dominated America’s political economy since the 1980s, Mark is an unabashed proponent of a return to more egalitarian, equally distributive economics rooted in a prosperous working middle class. In other words, economics PDA style!

On top of that, Mark engages with the political system in the great tradition of public intellectuals. Indeed, Mark worked with AOC and Sen. Markey in crafting the proposal for a Climate Conservation Corp (CCC) as part of the Green New Deal.

The naysayers will claim we can’t “afford” an economy with Universal Single-Payer Healthcare, living wages, strong unions, affordable housing, no fossil fuels, and true full employment. Mark Paul will explain not only why it’s affordable, but why only such a program will build the America that Americans will embrace. You won’t want to miss this Town Hall. RSVP now!

We’ll also have an update on the Trump indictments; and we’re hoping for a brief report from Hawai’i on the fires and how progressives are responding.

We look forward to seeing you!

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team



    Your dates for 2023 are wrong. August 30th does NOT fall on a Sunday.

  2. Tony Branch

    I believe a serious socioeconomic issue is Legacy wealth fueled over generations by so many multimillion-dollar estates that basically get low tax rates, if taxed at all. Also, taxes on capital gains are so much lower than taxation on the income of those who work for a living.

    Couldn’t we pay for much of many of these economic rights simply by returning to the estate and income tax rules/rates of the 1950’s that the GOP had steadily discarded over decades?