This Sunday: Rev. Jackson and the Emergency Summit on Gaza. RSVP now!

Jan 12, 2024 | PDA News

 Join us for a very special PDA Town Hall this Sunday, 4pm ET/1pm PT. Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rainbow/PUSH are convening an Emergency Summit on Gaza (co-sponsored by PDA) this weekend in Chicago.

The list of participants is spectacular, the Summit’s goals are equally ambitious: a revitalized Peace Movement and a Just U.S. Foreign Policy. PDA’s Alan MInsky is attending, and will invite Summit participants to share their thoughts on our Town Hall. RSVP now!!


It’s hard to imagine a more timely and important gathering than the Emergency Summit on Gaza, convening in Chicago this weekend.

Speakers include Rev. Jesse Jackson; Dr. James Zogby; Peter Beinart; Congressman Johnathon Jackson; Congressman Chuy Garcia; former Ohio State Senator, Nina Turner; Illinois State Representative Abdelnasser Rashid; Dr. Cornel West; IfNotNow national spokesperson, Eva Borgwardt;  Hani Al Madhoun of UNWRA, Israel and Palestine Director at Human Rights Watch Omar Shakir, and that just scratches the surface.

How appropriate that on MLK Jr. weekend, we have a Summit led by activists and public intellectuals directly from his lineage, which is why the goals of the Summit are more than gaining a greater understanding, it’s about developing strategy and plans of action to achieve our goals (e.g., a ceasefire, serious negotiations for a political settlement, etc.), along with a reaffirmation of moral clarity to guide and energize the American movement for peace, justice, and cooperation in Israel/Palestine.


(We’ll also close out the second hour of the Town Hall with an open mic discussion on the eve of the Republican Caucuses in Iowa, where Donald Trump remains the overwhelming favorite.)

See you on Sunday!  


In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


  1. Lizzie Hourican

    How can US voters show support for an end to military occupation funded by U.S. taxpayers

  2. Hal Rosenthal

    Rev Martin Luther King supported Israel. The speakers at this PDA summit contains no one that supports the only democracy in the Middle East. In fact the speakers include several who want to see the demise of the Jewish state. This is scheduled to be an opportunity to publicly attack Israel.