This Sunday: Progressive Perspectives on Immigration and Rural America

Mar 22, 2024 | PDA News

Join PDA’s National Town Hall This Sunday at 4pm ET / 1pm PT with two brilliant featured guests: Immigrant Rights Activist Erika Andiola and Agrarian Advocate Anthony Flaccavento. RSVP now!


In recent years, it’s been a given that for the Democratic Party to win the Presidency as well as majorities in Congress, it would have to do so with very little support from rural and small town America. 

Now, in 2024, according to the polls, it seems the Democrats will also have to overcome a turn to the right among voters on the issues of immigration and border security—two of the hot-button issues in this election year.

We, at PDA, do not shy away from topics that are troubling, or about which the Democratic mainstream is failing to connect with voters. Instead, we address the matter head-on, and reach out to the smartest people working on the front line of these issues.  

Hence, on this Sunday’s Town Hall we’ll be joined by the great Arizona-based activist Erika Andiola, who will offer her analysis of current border and immigration issues, as well as by Anthony Flaccavento, the co-author of The Rural New Deal with PDA’s Dave Alba and myself (Alan MInsky), to explain why he feels the authors of the current best-selling book Rural White Rage get it all wrong.

I promise you this Town Hall will be uniquely illuminating because it’s one thing to have the public sour on the neoliberal policies of Democratic Party establishment—but it says next to nothing about how voters will respond to a truly progressive approach to the border and immigration, let alone progressive policies for rural and small-town America.

So, join us this Sunday at 4pm ET/1pm PT, and learn why our movement is the one with real solutions the American people will embrace when they learn about them.

RSVP now!

See you on Zoom—on the first Sunday of springtime!

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


  1. Amani Bakri

    Immigration is one of the issues that worries many people… and the solution and migration. Man has been around since the beginning of creation A search for security and safety…but with development, there are laws regulating Immigration. In the world…The law works for everyone’s benefit…We demand that the international transfer be organized according to the structure at work and that integration take place In the country’s workforce…every person according to qualification. The state was founded by scholars and great people… How can their refugee files be…how. He becomes the state and becomes a refugee, and they call themselves rulers over the scholars We demand the enactment of laws granting scientists citizenship. In which country do they come to?

  2. Ulysses Kilgore III

    Really appreciate the informative discussions/presentations regarding the rural voter and immigration.