The Week That Was And What Will Be.

Dec 10, 2017

By   Mike Fox for Donna, Mike H., Amos, Janis, Deb, Bryan, Kim, Dan, Judy, Dr. Bill and the rest of the PDA team

Lot’s Going On.  Dive In With Us!

Looking back at yet another busy week in PDA land, we are reminded of just how important our work is, and how much we appreciate our members who are working hard with us to make the world a better place for all.  Thank you so much if you made phone calls, knocked doors, participated in a street action, visited your congressional office, or donated to our efforts this past week.

Our primary focus over the past week has been combating Trump’s cruel immigration plans, and securing safety for over 800,000 law abiding and productive Dreamers at risk of losing their jobs, their futures, and eventually facing deportation.  They are Americans in every sense of the word outside of the documentation, and we’ll continue to work to bring them justice.

Our work to bring the Democratic Party kicking and screaming back to it’s FDR roots continues, with all eyes on Florida today as the party may elect a female Berniecrat as chair.

And as high profile Democrats in congress step down in the face of charges of sexual impropriety, we’re demanding that congress impress upon Donald Trump resign as well.

Along the same vein, we will fight to enhance the character of the US Senate by insuring thatDoug Jones defeats Roy Moore in the AL special election on Tuesday.  Please email for details on how you can help make that happen regardless of where you live.

Here are 5 other ways we’re having an impact right now, and so can you over the upcoming week, wherever you live:

1) Get active with your local PDA chapter.  Contact

2) Join the Educate Congress Letter Drop Team.  Contact

3) Join the National Phone Team making easy calls from your home, like to Alabama to defeat Moore.  Contact
4) Make your clicks count with our action alerts on Insuring Net NeutralityImpeaching Trump, Stopping The Republican Tax BillGuaranteeing Healthcare For All,  Supporting The Dream Act (DACA), Protecting The Iran Nuclear Treaty, and getting us Off Fossil Fuels.

5) Contribute as much as you can to help us continue our work. right now.  We don’t have billionaire dark money donors.  We depend upon you to keep the lights on, and the fires burning.

There’s much to be done.  But if we all do as much as we can, we will succeed at making building a better 2018.

Let’s get to work!

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for Donna, Mike H., Amos, Janis, Deb, Bryan, Kim, Dan, Judy, Dr. Bill and the rest of the PDA team


  1. Frank Fox

    What is PDA’s vision statement or mission statement?

    I expected it would be in the links under “About PDA” tab…