The Week That Was

Oct 20, 2018

Medicare For All Briefing On Capitol Hill

By  Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Dr. Bill, Janis, Dan, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, and Shayna—Your PDA National Team

Hitting The Streets, The Suites, The Phones,
And The Internet—Let’s Make Some Noise!

This past week we were focused on building support for Medicare for All from California to D.C., called out atrocities against immigrants, organized against corporate rule, and most of all, mobilized to help elect progressive champions.

Please pitch in to help us organize for progress

Donna Smith, former Progressive Democrats of America Executive Director and current Chair of our National Advisory Board, shares these thoughts:

There are times when we are called to something higher than ourselves. …At other times, we feared poor policy might cause great harm and suffering as it played out over time. But this time, under Trump and his minions in Congress, we fear far worse pain and irreparable injury to our nation, our world community, and our planet.

Under the guise of greater freedom, protections are being lifted and regulations destroyed. Greed and higher profits for a few “trump” the majority. Our collective wellbeing is shrugged aside for selective enrichment.

We have to stand up together, strongly united as progressives. We must make our voices heard on issues, and force elected officials to listen to us as never before. Please join us demanding action from Congress today and every day. Below are some ways you can get involved:

Make Easy Calls From Home: Help us get solid progressives elected across the country, right from the comfort of your home. Sign up to make easy, effective get out the vote (GOTV) calls and other calls to keep our PDA members active.

Get Active With Your Local Chapter: Contact Dan to become active with your local chapter, or to start one if we don’t already have a chapter up and running.

Become Part Of Our Social Media Team: If you’re active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, or elsewhere, contact Janis to help with social media outreach.

Contribute All You Can: Finally, while action is the key to our eventual vicotries, we do need to be able to pay for materials for our hard working volunteers, the cost of our online database and web site, and more overhead that unfortunately just can’t be avoided. So please contribute all you can to help us defeat Trumpco and build the progressive movement.

Thanks so much for anything you can do.

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Dr. Bill, Janis, Dan, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, and Shayna—Your PDA National Team