The Tyranny of Betrayal

Jan 4, 2017

By Vern Turner, PDA – CenTex chapter

According to historians and experts from all over the world, the Republican Party in general, and Donald Trump in particular, have defined and red-defined what a tyrannical dictator looks and sounds like. The finger pointing at the press and opposition political parties, the condemnation of all “tribes” not like the “tribe” being represented by Republicans and Trump, the false flag reports of voter fraud designed specifically to suppress votes in opposition-controlled states and precincts and the absolute avoidance of publicly having to answer annoying questions about the truth, all define a tyrannical regime in the making. The rich history of tyranny charts these actions. Moreover, tyranny is intent on feeding a steady stream of lies and exaggerations to the public so as to have it believe that they actually voted for tyranny and it was good for them. Simple, huh?

The election of 2016 will forever be known as America’s slide into the maw of fascist tyranny with the election of Donald Trump and the preservation of Republican control in both houses of the Federal Government and thirty-three state governments. Republicans live on lies, and the reasons are simple: They don’t care about the working people nor the poor. Nor do Republicans want to invest in our people. They are corrupt to their core since the egregious and tyrannical Citizens United vs. FEC decision was made by the SCOTUS to declare money as speech and corporations as people. These two bizarre assumptions are akin to declaring the Reichstag invalid in 1933 Germany. We saw how well that worked out, didn’t we?

Paul Krugman, in a recent New York Times article titled How Republics End used these and other lessons from history to show how the use of fear, lies, hate and bigotry can be molded into a tyrannical entity that presumes to govern, but really is more interested in acquiring power and influence over as many people as possible and as much wealth and money as possible. This drive toward the extreme wealth of the small minority was made much worse in the 20th century by Milton Friedman’s ghastly misinterpretation of Friedrich Hayak’s theory of Supply-side Economics. This “thing” morphed into a power grab conspired by the CIA, the United States Government, the International Money Fund and the World Bank to hijack democracy (and a republic that votes for representation) away from the voice of the people in several countries around the world, and give it to the wealthiest corporations and individuals in the world. In sum, the great lie, entitled Free-market Capitalism, began the destruction of democracy and the earnest betrayal of the vast majority of the people on Earth. Naomi Klein’s must-read book, Shock Doctrine details this conspiracy and intents of the “operators” of this theory. She also points out the villains, like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, who shamelessly and wantonly promoted this theft of democracy and the “pursuit of happiness” by the working peoples of the world.

Well, we seem to have reached a milestone in the United States that begins today, 3 January 2017. Today, the 116th Congress gets sworn in and the Republican majorities in both houses of Congress want to have a stack of bills for President Trump to sign on 21 January 2017. This pent-up orgy of disassembly includes the following:

  1. Repealing the Affordable Care Act. There is no viable replacement bill available, because the Republicans weren’t able to craft one during the last six years of their majority rule. So, almost forty million people whose health depends on this law, may find themselves in health care limbo.
  2.  Privatizing the Veterans Administration AND Medicare. This should really set the people on their collective ears. Everywhere else in the world has realized that health care is not a commodity and should be a right for their citizens rather than a profit center. We saw how for-profit health care served us when insurance companies were in charge before the ACA. But Republicans think that profit should be made from your poor health…at taxpayer’s expense, of course. Our poor veterans will be screwed twice as terribly as the working poor if this goes through. Reason? Well, over 50% of our homeless people in America are VETERANS of our past and present wars all based on lies. How’s that for betrayal on the most disgusting level.
  3. More tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. It’s not enough that the wealthy get to exercise loopholes in the tax code to hide their money overseas and pay no taxes at all, but for those who actually have to claim domestic income, the Republicans want them to pay even less of their fair share. Say hello to tax increases everywhere else, or a national debt whose curve rapidly approaches vertical on the graphs.
  4. Repeal Dodd-Frank. Of course. The lessons from the Wall Street meltdown of 2007-09 were insufficient to teach us that unregulated capitalism is certain to destroy itself as rapidly as possible. The only people getting rich during this near collapse of the international financial world, ironically, were the guys and gals, aka hedge fund managers, who bet AGAINST the system and that it WOULD fail. Here is yet another betrayal of reason, logic and restraint.

This is page number one of the Republican agenda, but it was preceded by another element of tyranny. The Republican House caucus voted to shut down the independent government ethics office. This is the non-partisan agency that investigates government corruption. Just ask yourself why the Republicans would do that. Any answer that says these guys believe in their own honesty makes my point about the people that were elected by Republican voters; they are corrupt to the core and have no compunction against betraying their constituents by the numbers. Breaking news: This proposal was withdrawn today.

As you will see by continuing to follow this thread, this corruption, tyranny and betrayal to all that our framers and founders held dear, began in earnest with the infamous Lewis Powell memorandum to the United States Chamber of Commerce in 1971. It was a call to arms for the American wealthy and corporations to nakedly purchase the U.S. government and to create a narrative in our schools at all levels that eliminated the truth and wrote in everything that promoted their cause.

This is how republics die and how tyranny eliminates the freedom to live the life our founders imagined. The Republican Party has now shown itself to be the party of betrayal and corruption. Those who vote for Republicans must realize this before they aren’t allowed to vote at all. 



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  1. carl jones

    The question is now posed. Is it possible for a democracy to vote itself out of existence? Answer: only if the elections in that democracy are sabotaged by voter suppression tactics, gerrymandering, faulty electronic voting machines, cyber hacking, and the outright discarding of votes by crooked state election officials.