The Progressive Revolution is just Beginning. We’re Starting to Win. Let’s Keep Building Momentum.

Mar 7, 2021 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

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For many progressives this was a frustrating week. The Democratic majority in the Senate had an opportunity to push for passage of a nationwide $15 minimum wage, and failed to do so. Clearly, we still have much work to do to transform the Party into one that truly represents the interests of the people, not its wealthy donors.

Nonetheless, there was much that was good in the COVID relief bill: direct payments for each member of working-class households, child tax credits, new strategies to contain healthcare costs, and much more—all of which were pushed for by the progressive wing of the party. Furthermore, all of these measures are tremendously popular. 

However, there’s a catch. All of these measures are temporary.  

So, we are at a moment when the public is going to experience—at least for a short spell—what it feels like to live in a more generous country. One not solely ruled by the cruel vicissitudes of a “free market.”

Progressives must seize upon the popularity of these temporary measures, and declare this is only the beginning.  We can have a more equitable economy—one that provides for all, with a national living wage—and stronger worker protections. One without a racial wealth gap or a gender pay gap. One that is in harmony with the planet.

While we might face temporary setbacks, progressives have momentum like no time in recent memory. The public is with us on issue-after-issue-after-issue. 

The key to winning is having the resources to organize our legions of supporters into a political movement. That is the mission of PDA.

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