The Progressive Mission: We Must Move Beyond the Political Status Quo

Dec 6, 2020

In solidarity,
Alan Minsky, Executive Director, for the PDA National Team

PDA Fights for the Progressive Change We Need on Every Front


We are in a time of political transition, but are we in a time of political change? Will we see America’s array of serious social problems addressed in a meaningful way?

These are the essential political questions of our time.

America is a society rife with endemic problems. There’s immense wealth inequality. Education and health care are excellent for the 1 percent. For the rest, they’re underfunded and overpriced. These essential human services have become debt traps. That’s to say nothing of the cost of housing.

Our justice system is so imbalanced and fundamentally racist as to be a misnomer.

We seem incapable of even stalling our use of fossil fuels, as we rapidly burn ourselves off the planet.

There is no doubt that on all of these issues and many more, we need fundamental change. Of course, the Republican Party has been worse than the mainstream of the Democratic Party on all of these matters – but it’s equally true that mainstream Democrats have, at best, offered band-aids. They only hold out the prospect of more humane management of an unfair society.

Only the progressive left works for the changes necessary to build the just, inclusive society that we all want and need. PDA fights for this change on every front.

When the new Congress is seated in January, PDA will be launching its most ambitious program yet to lift the progressive agenda: the congressional liaison program.  Sign up here.

Every day PDA will be working to make the progressive agenda a reality, to create the change we need in American society.  Help us achieve our goals by becoming a PDA sustainer right now.

Thanks so much for anything you can do.

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  1. Myron Walters

    what is the congressional liaison program