The People of Alabama Trump Trump Today! On to 2018

Dec 13, 2017

By   PDA National Team

Have you had enough of this? Apparently the people of Alabama have, too.  Amazing victory for Doug Jones and a much-needed defeat of Roy Moore!

Just incredible work by all PDA members who made calls, knocked on doors, or found other ways to help big and small to take this moment and grab a victory for democracy and for common decency.

From every concerned voter in this nation, thank you Alabama, for putting country over anything else!  Thank you African American voters who know the Democrats have a long, long way to go to deserve your support.  We at PDA know it, and will continue to fight for a Democratic Party that knows it, too.

Today, every voter in Alabama Trumps Trump.  Congratulations Senator Doug Jones, Democrat!  Congratulations America.  Look out, 2018!  The political revolution lives.

Peace and solidarity,

PDA National Team

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