The Grift Goes On

Dec 22, 2020

In solidarity,

Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team

Help PDA Stop Budgetary Corporate Giveaways


The legislative sausage that is the 2021 budget is made. To get a mere $900 billion in much-needed and long overdue COVID-19 relief for individuals and small businesses, Democrats relinquished funding for states and cities struggling to maintain basic services through these public health and economic crises.

On Sunday, The Washington Post reported that draft language included a tax break for corporate meal expenses. Congress will approve $1.375 billion to continue the southern border wall travesty. Many, many details of the bill were not publicly known less than 24 hours before expected passage.

While news stories abound about the pandemic, the overdue budget and COVID-19 relief bill, and the President’s ongoing tantrum over his election defeat, construction crews are diligently blowing up Arizona mountaintops, fouling waters that are home to endangered species, and blocking corridors of wildlife migration to build more miles of useless border wall on public lands. Arizona’s public lands are being decimated because access is easier than fighting private landowners along the Texas-Mexico border. Meanwhile, Immigration Services are busily denying entrance to asylum seekers. Refugees continue to die in overcrowded detention camps.

PDA and our allies have been working hard behind the scenes to root out corporate giveaways and ensure maximum possible aid for vulnerable populations. We highlight abuses of power, educate legislators on critical issues before Congress, and keep a vigilant eye on election practices around the country.

If you support our efforts to make the federal budget and federal government more responsive to people’s needs, please help with a generous donation to PDA. We depend on you, for all of us.