The Fall of the House to MAGA? We must mobilize to win back the House!

Oct 18, 2023 | PDA News

Jim Jordan Broke His Oath to Uphold the Constitution. He Should Not be in the US House of Representatives, Let Alone its Leader


January 6th 2021 is a day that will live in infamy. On that date, MAGA extremists attacked our Capitol building, seeking to thwart the peaceful transfer of power. On that dark day, some reprehensible members of the House and Senate cast their lot with the violent mob, squarely against the Constitution of the United States.

Many insurrectionists are serving lengthy prison terms. Shockingly, none of the anti-American Representatives or Senators have been held to account. Even more shockingly, today the overwhelming majority of Republican House Members are actually voting to reward insurrectionist Jim Jordan’s bid for Speaker of the House.

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As of this writing, their efforts have failed, and the House has taken a break. While the chaos continues, let’s compare Jordan to Rep. Jamie Raskin, one of PDA’s strongest allies in D.C.

Jim Jordan is a remorseless election denier, an avid crackpot conspiracy theorist who promulgates proven false claims that Trump won the 2020 presidential election. Jordan introduced a mere 30 bills during his sixteen year career in Congress, and thankfully not one of them became law.

His bills include attempts to bully the District of Columbia into preventing local officials from issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples and overruling the District’s efforts to limit gun violence. Jordan also failed to enact a ban on all abortions via a reckless bill declaring that “life begins at conception.” If enacted, that might put pregnant women who miscarry at risk of criminal prosecution!

Perhaps Jordan’s highest profile effort is his hypocritical, frivolous support for the impeachment of President Joe Biden. By comparison, one of Rep. Raskin’s greatest moments came when he led the 2nd impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

It’s a stark contrast. Jamie Raskin has been an inspiring, conscientious leader in the House. Unlike Jordan who insults the Constitution, Jamie has said, “For me, everything comes back to the Constitution.”

A Constitutional Law professor, Jamie’s accomplishments include relentlessly defending and protecting the Constitution by helping to manage two successful impeachment efforts and serving with distinction on the House January 6th Select Committee, detailing Trump’s high crimes.

As House Republicans attempt to hand over the Speaker’s gavel to a known enemy of our Constitution, we must redouble our efforts to wrest all political power away from GOP fanatical MAGA and craven MAGA-cowed “mis-representatives.”

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