The Constitutional Crisis is Here

Oct 12, 2021 | PDA News

For the Republic,
Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team

Demand the House Enforce Its Own Subpoena Power


Here’s the deal: Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election. Even before the votes were counted, Trump attempted to throw an unfavorable result into question. After the election Trump and his enablers tried to overturn the legitimate results, including the incitement of an insurrection and assault on the U.S. Capitol to disrupt the certification of the election. Since then, Trump has continued to proclaim his so-called victory, and has made election results denial a litmus test for his true followers, despite all evidence to the contrary. As the stark memories of the January 6 insurrection recede, his popularity is rebounding, far too many Republican officeholders are falling into line by denying the legitimacy of the Biden-Harris administration, and Republican legislatures are using so-called voter fraud to enact sweeping voting restrictions.

After the January 6 insurrection and Trump’s second impeachment, Republicans blocked a bipartisan commission, so the House formed a Select Committee to investigate. Now that committee, including two Republicans, has issued subpoenas for documents and appearances from key figures in the Trump administration and other officials involved in the events of January 6. They are fighting turnover of documents and ignoring congressional subpoenas to appear before the committee.

If you ever wondered what it was like to live in early 1930’s Germany you are getting a taste of it courtesy of Trump and the GOP. —Dean Obeidallah, comedian, and journalist

To maintain its status as a co-equal branch of the federal government, Congress MUST enforce these subpoenas, holding resisters in criminal contempt if necessary. Nothing less than the rule of law, and by extension the legitimacy of our democratic foundations, is at stake.

PDA demands compliance with these congressional subpoenas to allow the Select Committee to undertake a complete investigation of the January 6 insurrection. We, the American people, deserve to know what happened, how it happened, and who fomented an assault on our Capitol and our governmental processes. Call your Representative today and demand full enforcement of congressional subpoenas. Republicans as well as Democrats need to hear from their constituents. Then let us know you acted.

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  1. J S

    It’s not progressive to let this issue take up so much of our attention. It’s mainly about style and empty partisanship and virtue signaling.

    If we want democracy and the rule of law, there are hundreds of more productive areas of activism we can engage in.

  2. Cheryl McKinley

    This must happen immediately! As soon as they refuse to show up, they MUST be arrested!

  3. D Z

    Please use all tools to enforce subpoena compliance.