The American Dream Embodied: Kevin de Leon

Sep 25, 2018

By Mike Fox and Alan Minsky for Mike H., Shayna, Janis, Deb, Kim, Bryan, Dan, Donna, and Dr. Bill — your PDA national team.

Dream Big With Kevin de Leon For Senate

Not only did candidate for US Senate in CA Kevin de Leon score 100% on our extensive questionnaire, he is literally the embodiment of the American dream.

The son of an immigrant single mother who came to this country to give her family a better life, Kevin watched his mother work long hours as a house keeper and with other pick up jobs that are a part of the poor immigrant’s life.  He modeled her hard work ethic to become the first in his family to graduate high school, and then college, with honors.

After years of work as a teacher and organizer advocating for public eduction and healthcare for children, he entered politics, rising to the office of President pro Tempore of the CA Senate.

Along the way he has always fought for the less powerful in our community, and has shown unyielding compassion while advocating for California’s status as a sanctuary state.  There’s no question Kevin will fight the Trump administration’s horrific family-splitting policies, and at the same time focus that same passion on all issues impacting the 99%.

Kevin has lived the American Dream, and wants to make sure it’s a reality for all.

Please help Kevin by contributing all that you can here. 

You can also help from anywhere in the country by making easy phone calls from home.  Contact Mike Fox to join the phone team, or if you’re willing to walk neighborhoods in CA.

Thank you so much for anything you can do.

In Solidarity With The American Dream,

Mike Fox and Alan Minsky for Mike H., Shayna, Janis, Deb, Kim, Bryan, Dan, Donna, and Dr. Bill — your PDA national team.

PS:  Need more before you commit?  See this inspiring video or peruse Kevin’s responses to our questionnaire.  Then please do all you can.


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