Thanks, And There’s Never Been A More Dramatic Need For Medicare For All

Sep 21, 2020

In solidarity,

Dr. Bill Honigman for Alan, Donna, Mike F., Janis, Dan, Deb, Bryan, Kimberly, and Mike H.—your PDA National Team


Time To Get Serious

Thanks again all who joined us for yesterday’s remarkable PDA Healthcare Emergency Town Hall, #34 in our series so far of weekly online meetings related to #COVID19 and Healthcare Justice, which featured PDA-endorsed candidate for re-election Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-MI, and health systems analyst Dr. Henry Broeska, Ph.D.  (View recording here.)

Once again, we at PDA have chosen to step up efforts to discuss the issue of #HealthcareJustice as it relates to the pandemic, because as we all know COVID19 is a giant wake up call, not only for #MedicareForAll but also for the #GreenNewDeal.

As the world continues to cope with this global public health nightmare, the US in particular performs on average about 10 times worse than all other countries in known cases and per capita deaths due to COVID19. Also, highlighting the inequalities and therefore injustices in American healthcare, we now have reports of medical abuses perpetrated against women by unscrupulous and immoral men in positions of power in ICE detention centers.

All of this is driving us to push to organize and mobilize both inside and outside the Democratic Party to further engage the electorate, support candidates at all levels who “get it,” and help turn out the vote this fall in such massive numbers that the results will be incontestable, even by Trump and his enablers.

Please use this easy tool to email your members of Congress to ask them to support M4A. (See if your House Rep. or Senator is on board already.  If not, tell them to get on board now.  If so, thank them.)

We need your help in other ways as well.  If you’re up for making phone calls, organizing a local government resolution, or standing up to be our Educate Congress liaison to your Rep. or Senator’s local office, let Mike Fox know and he’ll keep you as busy as you’d like. 

Can’t volunteer?  Then please give all you canto help make sure we have the resources needed to bring this home for all.

Thanks so much for anything you can do.