Tell NY Elections Officials: Do Not Remove Bernie From The Ballot! Let The Voters Decide!

Apr 10, 2020

In solidarity with democracy,  Mike Fox for the PDA NY Team

Let The Voters Be Heard!

New York state elections officials are considering removing Bernie’s name from the ballot and cancelling the Democratic Primary in the process.

We see this as an outrage, and we ask that you let them know now.

Step 1:
Contact the New York Board of Elections here.   Tell them that they cannot disenfranchise millions of voters by removing Bernie from the ballot and cancelling the primary.

Step 2:
Contact Jay Jacobs, Chair of the NY Democratic Party here, or message on Facebook, or Tweet @NYDems.  Ask Chair Jacobs to continue pressuring the NY Elections Board to hold the primary.  It’s the best way to promote unity in the party moving forward, and #UnityBeatsTrump.

Step 3Let us know you took action.

We at PDA believe that letting the voters and not party or elections officials decide is democracy at it’s best.

PS:  Please help fund our fight for fair, transparent, and verifiable elections here.


  1. shima moore

    Let the people decide.

  2. David Bovaird

    How the New York Democratic Primary is or is not conducted, and having the appropriate candidates on the ballot are things that affect the entire nation not just New York. The primary election provides the opportunity to let the people of the nation provide their contribution to choose who they would like to govern the nation. This is not just a state election, its a part of the national election process. I believe that the USA is still a democracy. Let the people have their say.

    • Adria Summers

      Let people decide. Keep Bernie on the ballot.

  3. Cindy Koch

    Let the voters decide! Pls. leave Bernie’s name on the ballot. Give Americans a break! Thx.

  4. Francis Cuneo

    I sent an E-mail to Governor Cuomo and to the NY Democratic Party stating Bernie has suspended, but has not removed himself, so he should remain on any Democratic Primary ballot.
    Let the voters vote!

    Thank you.

  5. Francis Cuneo

    I live in Mendocino County in California.
    How best to get involved to put more progressives in Congress, especially the Senate?

    Better to try phone calling for those who’s primary elections have not happened yet, or to call for any in states that have had their primary, (such as California)?

  6. Erin OBrien

    Americans by a large majority, favor Bernie Sanders’ humane positions. Let the People Speak!

  7. Sarah Tobia

    Please keep Sanders on the ballot. I myself will be voting blue in November, but many of my peers may not. They are frustrated and frightened by our current circumstances, and primarily, do not trust that their struggles are being heard. Give them a chance to cast their vote – and when they do, please listen. Silence will not encourage compliance. Understanding met with action will.

    Thank you.

    • sue langhans

      I am also concerned that the Bernie Democrats may be extremely upset enough to not vote in November.


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