Tell Congress: Trump Must Resign

Dec 11, 2017

By   Donna Smith, PDA Executive Director for Deb, Judy, Janis, Kim, Mike H, Dan, Dr Bill, Mike F, Amos, and Bryan—your PDA National team

#MeToo Monday Matters


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) welcomes and supports the #MeToo movement. This courageous effort is opening necessary conversation around sensitive issues. Women, and some men, are stepping forward to testify about the sexual harassment, abuse and assault they’ve suffered, and many have named the person who harmed them.

Some alleged aggressors, abusers, and sexual criminals have been “outed” in our political arena. Some have been forced to resign or retire, but so far, there’s a huge glaring omission: Donald J. Trump. Click here to Tell Congress Trump must resign now.

Click Here: Tell Congress to Force Trump to Resign

Without arguing the merits or political strategies of any of the individual cases, we must stand for equal justice. At a live press conference, woman after woman stepped forward to testify that Donald Trump sexually harassed and/or assaulted her. This is insanity for this nation and for our world.

We stand on the brink of nuclear war, the climate emergency is ravaging our planet, and we must endure the disgusting debacle that is this presidency? Click here to tell Congress: Trump needs to resign now.

The #MeToo movement will continue brilliantly into the future. It is necessary and right that Americans confront issues of sexual harassment and assault, and doing that is difficult for many. While we may not agree on where to draw every line of personal conduct, there can be no tolerance for Trump remaining in the most powerful elected office.

Stand up with us declaring that no one is entitled to use sexual abuse or assault as playful banter while exhibiting serial defiance in supporting others also accused of sexual misconduct. Trump’s ridiculous manipulation of reality is not fooling us. Tell Congress Trump must resign now.

It is time for Trump to go. The best #MeToo moment we could think of today would be when Trump signs his own resignation letter. It will take years to reclaim the common decency the American presidency used to signify, and we need to get on with it. Join us in this effort, and widely share our action alert demanding Trump resign. Let’s do this, fellow Americans. Tell Congress Trump must resign now.

Justice or Bust!

Donna Smith, PDA Executive Director for Deb, Judy, Janis, Kim, Mike H, Dan, Dr Bill, Mike F, Amos, and Bryan—your PDA National team

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