Take Back the Democratic Party

Feb 17, 2019

photo: Progressive Grassroots Leaders Gathered In New Mexico

In solidarity,  Alan Minsky for Deb, Mike F., Mike H., Janis, Dan, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, Bryan, and Shayna—your PDA National Team

PDA is the Only National Organization of Progressives
Working Inside to Democratize the Democratic Party

Last weekend Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) held our annual retreat in New Mexico. Of course, 2018 was a great year for both progressives and PDA. Thus, we had a lot of discussions about how we can channel this momentum into more victories, greater strength, and positive social change.

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When the weekend was over, we left with an even stronger sense of purpose and a clear plan to achieve our goals. We are more confident than ever that we can fulfill our founder Tim Carpenter’s vision: organizing a powerful progressive insurgency inside the Democratic Party to reimagine and remake it into a true People’s Party that, in turn, will transform America for the better.

Of course, to achieve that will take a level of focus and organizing that rivals anything in recent American political history. It will take time, commitment, and—yes—money.  The best way to sustain PDA is to become a Sustainer.

As our national staffer Debra Schrishuhn explains, “Years ago, Tim Carpenter came up with the phrase “Change Makes Change” for our monthly sustaining donors, and it is true. Our Sustainers exemplify our collective strength. If each of us gives a bit each month, we can make a huge difference together—whether through giving, making phone calls, participating at rallies, or meeting with elected officials.”

Deb adds, “Your Change really does Make Change, and PDA will make your ‘Dollars Holler’ (a tip of the hat to our Communications Director Mike Hersh for that turn of phrase). Will you help us keep raising our voices to support peace, fairness, and human dignity? Please join the ranks of our monthly sustaining donors today.

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for Deb, Mike F., Mike H., Janis, Dan, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, Bryan, and Shayna—your PDA National Team

P.S. If we reach $10,000 a month in sustaining donations, PDA will be guaranteed to make budget for the entire year. That means our staff and our legions of PDA volunteers will be able to take all the energy they currently expend on fund raising and put it into our passion: Building the progressive movement inside the Democratic Party, remaking and reimagining the party so that it truly represents the people.