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Jul 12, 2020

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Dr. Bill, Dan, Donna, and Janis—your PDA national team.


Election Day is Less Than 4 Months Away!

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Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) deplores historic voter suppression, and we’re working to thwart efforts to exploit the pandemic to rig our elections.

We’ve been committed to supporting clean, fair, inclusive, and accurately-counted elections since our founding in 2004. As our first major effort, we worked with allies investigating and publicizing wholesale elections “irregularities” in Ohio.

Now, we need your help to protect everyone’s right to participate in our elections. Please join PDA and allies working to ensure that every voter is allowed to vote without interference, and that our votes are counted accurately.

Protect Your Voting Rights From
Suppression, Purging, Hacking, etc.
With Monthly Sustainer Donations

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We all understand that this is a make-or-break election cycle. So much hangs in the balance. We cannot afford to let rigging, suppression, purging of voting rolls, or any other tactics decide the fate of our nation and planet.

We appreciate all you do to support PDA’s election protection efforts. If you’ve never donated to PDA before, now is the perfect time. We need your support more than ever.

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