Support Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Re-Election. Help Defeat Her Reactionary Foes!

Jul 22, 2020

In Solidarity,

Alan Minsky for Mike H., Dr. Bill, Mike F., Janis, Deb, Dan, Kim, Bryan, and Donna—your PDA National Team


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I woke up this morning to find news of a new bill in my e-mail inbox, The End Polluter Welfare Act,demanding an end to the subsidies that the fossil fuel industry receives from Congress. Bernie Sanders is the sponsor in the Senate; and the sponsor in the House is none other than Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Almost every day, we at Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) are amazed at the great work being done by this brilliant and courageous freshman Congressperson from Minnesota. We hoped for big things when we endorsed Ilhan Omar (MN-5) in 2018, and she has exceeded even our highest expectations!

She and her colleagues in “The Squad” have been shaking up Congress with their unapologetic and powerful progressive voices—including their advocacy for peace and human rights.

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Of course, Ilhan Omar’s courageous and outspoken leadership has made her a target. Right wing special interests and corporate media have falsely accused her of bigotry, trying to silence and defeat her. Now, we must step up and have her back!

Right-wing money is pouring into Ilhan’s district to try to defeat her in the Democratic Primary on August 11th.  According to multiple sources, one of Ilhan’s opponents is dramatically outspending her due to dark money donations. One of the major sources also funded attack ads against the 2020 Sanders campaign. We can’t let Ilhan be defeated by these reactionary forces.

One of her opponents is outspending Ilhan six-to-one, in large part due to untraceable dark money. Other anti-Omar money has been traced to the same sources that funded attack ads against Bernie Sanders.

PDA supports Rep. Ilhan Omar every and any way we can—please do the same. For the sake of the county and the planet help make sure she returns to Congress in January.

Please pitch in now to support Rep. Ilhan Omar’s re-election! Money tight? Then please make easy, effective phone calls from home to help Ilhan win her primary! Of course we’d love it if you did both.


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