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Nov 13, 2020

Dr. Bill Honigman for the PDA National Team


Join Our Healthcare Emergency Town Hall
Sunday, Nov. 15, 4pm ET/1pm PT

Who is the de facto leader of the United States of America, now that the fall elections are behind us, now that COVID-19 is going into a hyperspace surge for the holidays, and now that #MedicareForAll and the #GreenNewDeal are needed more than ever before? Donald Trump, nope. Joe Biden, not yet.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, immunologist and coronavirus expert, might be one such de facto leader, at least when it comes to this national and international public health crisis. Despite immense pressure from the Trumpublicans, he continues to calmly and objectively advise us all to use masks, social distance, and avoid travel. He advises us to choose healthy lifestyle activities, routine vaccinations, and for all Americans to get regular medical care to help minimize risk of the disease.

However, even Dr. Fauci can’t somehow find the words to publicly acknowledge that achieving all of those things is only possible for all of the people in this great country with a system of universal healthcare like #MedicareForAll. Well, we at Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) can.

And you can help us spread that word. Please donate here and volunteer here to help us fulfill that civic duty.

And you can join us this and every Sunday for our PDA Healthcare Emergency Virtual Town Halls at 4p ET / 1p PT to discuss these urgent needs.  Register here to receive your secure codes.

Together, we can and will all step up to fill that leadership void.


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