Stand for Justice, Our Freedoms, and Our Right To Vote!

Dec 21, 2022 | PDA Blog

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team


Join or Host a January 6th Event and/or Donate Now


From our coalition partners:

January 6, 2023, marks the second anniversary of the insurrection. The bipartisan January 6th Select Committee has shown that Trump and his allies planned, promoted, and paid for a criminal conspiracy to overturn an election they knew they’d lost.

Even though some of the most prominent election conspiracists lost their midterms, they are already looking to 2024 for ways to overturn the will of voters. They are working to sabotage future elections by changing state laws, threatening election officials, and packing election administration offices so that they can have the final say over election results – even when they lose. 

We cannot be complacent; we are calling for an end to the ongoing violent and criminal attacks on our freedoms. We must stand up for our elections by protecting voters, election officials, and a free and fair process for all Americans. 

Calls to Action:

  1. We will commemorate the violent attack on our Capitol.
  2. We support the ongoing investigations into Trump and his allies and condemn the sham investigations being launched by the new House leadership.
  3. We call upon local, state, and federal legislators to defend our freedom to vote by passing legislation to take down barriers to voting and protect election officials and voters.

Here’s what we need to do:

Step 1: Join or host a rally near you. 

Step 2: Let us know if you’ll be attending one so we can connect you with fellow PDA folks attending.

Step 3: Can’t attend but want to help?  Volunteer to make invitation calls and/or donate here.

It’s our time to stand strong for justice and democracy.

Thanks so much for anything you can do.


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  1. Mark Riley

    Is there a rally near Portland Me. ?