Stand Up Against The Climate Emergency. Endorse These Recommendations.

Jul 9, 2020

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for Alan, Deb, Donna, Dr. Bill, Dan, Janis, Mike H., Bryan, and Kimberly — your PDA National Team


Help Us Let The DNC Know It’s Time To Take The Climate Emergency Seriously!


This from our coalition partners at the DNC Environment and Climate Crisis Council

We are excited to share our endorsement of the recently released Environmental and Climate Policy Recommendations for the 2020 Democratic Party Platform, developed by the DNC Environment and Climate Crisis Council, founded to be a strong voice for the climate and for environmental justice in the national Democratic Party.

These bold, science-based recommendations have received strong support from 80+ environmental and Democratic Party organizations.  If adopted, they would be the Democratic Party’s boldest, most ambitious climate and environmental platform ever. They include:

  • Committing to near-zero emissions, 100% clean renewable energy, and an end to fossil fuel production.
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive national climate action plan.
  • Building a green economy and ensuring a just transition.
  • Supporting the growth of healthy, just, sustainable communities and addressing disproportionate and legacy harms to frontline and vulnerable communities, including directing 40% of climate and environment investments to those communities.

We need the Democratic Party to step up, to be the party of climate solutions.

Please support these bold, necessary climate policy recommendations by signing on as an individual or an organization.



  1. Rebecca Wolfersberger

    Urgent climate action needed now!

  2. Mani Kang

    As a Calif Dem Party (CADEM) delegate from AD 68 and as a recently elected Bernie DNC delegate from CD 46, I strongly support and endorse these policy recommendations.

    Our nation and world is on the brink of absolute unremediable environmental disaster if we don’t soon implement these well-researched and needed policy reforms and recommendations.

    We have very little time left before the negative impact is permanent and beyond repair.

    The DNC and the U.S. Congress need to act to implement these reforms ASAP.

    Let’s hope we avert permanent for the world and for generations to come.
    We can’t let further damage occur on our watch.

    Thank you.

  3. Aaron Sklar

    Thank you PDA for making sure this important conversation is heard.