Stand Up Against Propaganda, Bigotry And Hate Speech. Free Film Showings.

Mar 29, 2019

By Alan Minsky and Mike Fox for Mike H., Janis, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Dan, Shayna, and Dr. Bill — your PDA national team.

Hold A House Party Or Public Viewing
To Help Fight Racism And Bigotry

With all of the insanity circulating around Rep. Omar’s comments — from full-page ads in major newspapers attacking her to, to threats upon her life — and with Trump now calling Democrats anti-Semitic, here’s a great way to stand up against the power that AIPAC wields and score a victory for free speech and against bigotry and hate-related violence.

Host a free showing of The Occupation of the American Mind.  You can throw a house party with friends, or a large public viewing.  Either way, we’ll help you make it a success.  Let us know you’re interested.  

We at PDA experienced first hand the frightening situation up close as Rep. Omar was to appear at an event with us on Sunday, but threats on her life have been so frequent and serious that her team needed to prevent her from appearing, out of fear for her safety.

We believe that disagreeing with the actions of the State of Israel and Netanyahu — currently under corruption charges — and the massive influence of AIPAC in no way translates into anti-Semitism.  We stand for free speech and an on-going dialog that calls out misleading and potentially hateful propaganda in all it’s forms.  We believe The Occupation of the American Mind fuels a discussion focused on peace and justice for all people; and in support of democracy, which is under siege from powerful conservative lobbyists.

In service to justice for all,

Alan Minsky and Mike Fox for Mike H., Janis, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Dan, Shayna, and Dr. Bill — your PDA national team.

PS:  See more on the film at


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