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Oct 21, 2020

In solidarity,

Mike Fox
FL  State Coordinator


Rally, March, And Vote On Oct. 24


This from our friends at FRRC.

Floridians will be hosting a historic day of action on October 24 – the first day of Early Voting for many in Florida – centering and uplifting returning citizens, their families and communities in their plight for access to the ballot box.

This is a day to show OUT, to celebrate how far we’ve come and use our vote as our voice. We know politicians and their friends are doing everything in their power to silence us and keep us from voting, not this time.

Dozens of short marches will be held across the state.

Join us in the celebration and protest of all formerly and currently disenfranchised people across the state of Florida, and help us #FREETHEVOTE.

There will be music, robust speaker programs, food and water while also following safety protocols to ensure our communities are protected during this health and racism pandemic.

This state has a history of trying to stop people from voting. But this time, we won’t let them! We can’t let them! In fact, their opposition to the basic human rights of returning citizens, will make us redouble our efforts and get all of our people out to vote.

Returning citizens bringing EVERYONE to the voting booth with us; people who would usually sit out an election; people who are registered but have never voted; people who have lost faith in our democracy.

Join us, tell your friends and help us #FREETHEVOTE.

It’s clear that Florida’s most powerful politicians are doing everything they can stop returning citizens from voting. After Floridians overwhelmingly supported Amendment 4, the political establishment is trying to stop people from participating in our democracy. We will not tolerate that.

As allies to returning citizens, and people who have endured our own fight to access the democratic franchise of voting, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to show up for returning citizens and own the fact that Our Vote is Our Power, and it is beyond time to #FreeTheVote for returning citizens.

Join us as we march!

Can’t make one of the marches but want to help get the vote out in other ways?  Let us know.

Can’t volunteer?  Then please toss in what you can to help us continue the fight for voting rights!

Thanks so much for anything you can do.