Solidarity Now! Let’s Celebrate Labor Day with a Huge Victory for Workers this Month

Sep 5, 2021 | PDA News

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

With Your Support and Activism, Organized Labor Can Win Its Biggest Victory in Decades: Passing the PRO Act in the $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill


As always, PDA stands in solidarity with the U S Labor Movement.

This Labor Day weekend, we’re ready to help make a final push for the passage of the most sweeping pro-labor Federal Legislation in decades, the PRO Act, as part of the huge “human infrastructure” reconciliation bill.

It won’t be easy. While the PRO Act has already passed the House, it has yet to be voted on in the Senate. For it to pass there, every Democratic Senator would have to support it, as it’s certain to receive zero Republican votes. A few centrist Democrats, including Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, have refused so far to endorse the PRO Act. Complicating things further, the Senate Parliamentarian is expected to intervene and say that only some of the PRO Act’s provisions are eligible for inclusion in a reconciliation bill.

Every step of the way, PDA will be right there with our allies in organized labor—ready to reach out to and persuade any Democratic Senator who has yet to endorse the PRO Act—and ready to make a case to the public, and the parliamentarian, that central components of the PRO Act definitely belong in a reconciliation bill.

Labor unions are essential for a prosperous America. Within 20 years of the passage of the National Labor Relations Act (aka the Wagner Act) in 1935, which facilitated an unprecedented boom in union membership, America had the largest, most prosperous middle class in human history. In 1955, 34 percent of American workers were in unions. That number began a precipitous decline during Ronald Reagan’s anti-union presidency—and the middle class has been unraveling ever since.

The PRO Act is consciously designed to counter the barriers to union growth that the right wing has implemented since Reagan. Its passage would likely spark a boom in union organizing across the country.

Help PDA in our efforts to win a great victory for the U.S. labor movement and the American working class, either by becoming a PDA volunteer or by making a monthly donation to help support our progressive citizen lobbying project.

Solidarity Now and Forever!