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Oct 19, 2023 | PDA News

PDA Condemns Violence, Calls for a Ceasefire, Continues Working for Peace. Sign on the Ceasefire Now Resolution in Congress, Here

We are all saddened and traumatized by the horrible events coming out of the current Israel/Hamas war.

We unequivocally condemn the use of all violence, attacks, and bombings against both Israeli and Palestinian civilians. PDA is joining with our friends in Jewish Voice For Peace in calling for an immediate ceasefire. We need to stop the killing of innocent civilians.

From Jewish Voice For Peace:

B’Tzelem Elohim. All life is precious.

Those of us grieving both Israeli and Palestinian loved ones this week know there is no military solution. The only future is peace and safety for all—grounded in freedom, justice, and equality.

Half of Gaza’s population are children. They have nowhere to flee to. The Israeli government has trapped them in Gaza and cut their water, food, and electricity. It is starving them while bombing their neighborhoods one after another.

Join us—American Jews and allies—in demanding the Biden administration facilitate an immediate ceasefire and stop sending the Israeli military more weapons.

Millions of lives depend on it.

This from PDA Executive Director, Alan Minsky:

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) calls upon all Members of Congress to support the Ceasefire NOW Resolution. Both morality and common sense demand a ceasefire and de-escalation of hostilities in Israel and Palestine.

Per morality, if you believe, as you must, in the sanctity of human life and oppose indiscriminate killing, the simple fact of the ever-rising death toll makes the complete cessation of violence a moral imperative. Per common sense, the response to violence with more violence has been the default position of both Hamas and the Israeli state for decades—and the trauma only increases. 

In his brilliant song/poem, “Every Grain of Sand,” Jewish-American Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan writes, “Like Cain I now behold a chain of events that I must break.” We need to make a clean break from this cycle of violence. The horror of the past ten days has shocked the world. Now is the moment to reject death and violence, and embrace humanity’s limitless capacity for renewal.

With love and solidarity for peace,

PDA National Staff


  1. Monique Drinkwater

    Cease-fire now. Dismantle secular violence against Palestinian people in the Holy Land, stop the occupation and return the land that has been annexed by violence and coercion, through the IDF and Western-born settlers. Enough is enough. Stop the Killing. Peace begins with each and every one of us, it’s an inside job. Creation over destruction.

  2. Oluwatobi Obilaja

    There is blood on the hands of the politicians in the U.S. that refuse to stop the endless slaughter of innocent Palestinian men, women, children, and babies. This is Genocide happening in front of our eyes. Free Palestine!

  3. Robert Thomas

    It’s long past time for President Biden to stand up to Israel and demand a ceasefire. Negotiations for the release of the hostages can start after a ceasefire is declared. This second Nakba must be stopped.

  4. Rebecca Stoops

    There is no need for more pain to be caused. Ceasefire now!

  5. Jill Ferguson

    It’s time to #DefundIsrael and END #IsraeliApartheid because #NotInMyName or with my tax $$$! I am NOT anti-semitic, I AM anti-Zionism – BIG difference.

    • Brennan Hicks

      Stop this madness. Stop the Genocide. Stop killing innocent children.

  6. Deborah

    The only way to end violence is to end violence.

  7. Zeinah

    I demand a ceasefire in Gaza IMMEDIATELY the gentrification and genocide in Gaza is absolutely dehumanizing and it needs to end now!

  8. Sandra Drake

    Immediate ceasefire now. Power, water, restored at once. Fuel supplies and all other necessities supplied in full.

    • Elona

      Ceasefire now…

    • Michael Glenetzke

      This senseless loss of innocent lives must stop!!!

  9. Naha Shariff

    The sadistic brutal bully of the Middle East must be stopped NOW. This despicable settler colony is the poster epitome of terrorism. When will this bloodlust murderous monstrosity be stopped? Decades of crimes against humanity and yet they persist. The absolute worst “neighbor” in the modern world. End all military aid and financial bank roll now!

    Citizens of the world unite, visit and for actions each of us must take to hold this crime syndicate accountable for this genocide and destruction of our planet.

  10. Skip Murphy

    And not one for the Jews that were slaughtered? Does no one here remember that if not for Hamas attacking the music festival attendees and killing innocent babies, none of the Israeli retaliation would be happening?

    Would Hamas really honor a ceasefire? History says…

  11. Marie

    Demanding for the Biden Administration to call a cease fire in Gaza now!

  12. Hillary Geller

    Ceasefire Now!

  13. Ken Kenegos

    The cycle of violence must stop. Slaughter does not justify more slaughter.

  14. Melanie Cohen

    Ceasefire Now! ReleaseAllHostages

  15. Kimberly Chappell

    I stand in solidarity with all of the members of the world demanding a ceasefire by Israel and an end to the ethnic cleansing being perpetrated against the Palestinian people and by the Israeli government, the Israeli Defense Forces and the United States government.

  16. Bruce Campbell

    Let us MELLOW the JELLO, release the hostages, and stop the slaughter! Thank thee…

    • Ashlyn

      Ceasefire now! Free Palestine!

  17. Olga Sofia Strickland

    This tragedy must end!

    • Mike Johnson

      Ceasefire NOW !

    • Mia

      The genocide in Gaza must end. It is horrific and unacceptable. Thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza have been murdered the majority children. This must end now. I call for a ceasefire

  18. Marcy Winograd

    We must stop Israeli attempts at genocide in Gaza. Congressional members from both parties must demand an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian aid, a lifting of the Israeli blockade on Gaza and a delegation sent to the Rafah crossing. The US is not just standing back and watching the bombs fall on 2.3 million people, half of them children, in Gaza; the US is not just witnessing the blockade on water, food, medicine and fuel, but is aiding and abetting these crimes as our country continues to send billions of dollars in weapons for Israel to enforce its occupation and genocide.

    • Steve HORNSEY

      The Biden administration is a disgrace. Demand a ceasefire now.

  19. Sharat G. Lin

    I call for an immediate ceasefire and negotiations involving all combatant parties to discuss a speedy release of all civilians in detention and an exchange of prisoners. This is the first step towards further negotiations on a comprehensive peace that envisions two peoples living together and side-by-side in equality in the land of Israel-Palestine.

  20. Jan Krick

    We must end this conflict that is poised to turn into genocide for the people of Palestine. It is a tremendous humanitarian crisis that cannot continue to escalate. People are starving and their homes, businesses and communities are being blown into rubble. For the sake of humanity and love of our fellow humans, we must declare a ceasefire immediately and make a valid plan for the future of Palestine and the return of their sovereign territory.

  21. Ziad Sad

    We cannot condone war crimes conducted by Israel , everyday there are hundreds of civilian victims killed by non stop Israeli air strikes funded by U.S. tax payers, we refuse to fund this aggression on helpless women , children, elderly and babies.
    Cease fire NOW !

  22. Dana Dodd Immordino


  23. Fred Morrison

    The U.S. must stand for an immediate cease fire !

  24. Nancy

    Indiscriminate bombing must end today! Please ceasefire immediately.

  25. Thelma

    Cease fire now!!!

  26. Kyle Armbrust

    Ceasefire Now!

  27. Peggy Jensen

    Please it needs to stop

  28. Gail Marie Maher

    This needs a diplomatic resolution. Innocent people on both sides do not speak for the governments.

  29. Lorena Gonzalez

    I agree with an immediate ceasefire.

  30. Athena Rose Romanini

    We must unify for our brothers and sisters of Palestine!

    These human being have endured immense suffering for far too long, we have the insight, the knowledge, and most importantly the power to stop this Ethnic Cleansing.

    For the first time in the History of any Country of the world, we have become spectators in real time; of a live-social-mediavized genocide.

    This is unheard of, this is a teetering moment that will surly be a tell all of our consciousness as a species.

    I personally have zero political or religious affiliation. I believe in co-existing. I believe ever human being has the right to peace.

  31. Lidia

    Praying for Peace.

  32. Lorna Smith

    Stop the slaughter. Stop the occupation.

  33. Anna-Lisa

    I plead with the US Government to put an end to the merciless attack on the innocent people of the West Bank and Gaza! The current action is unnecessary and is nothing more than a brutal inhumane attack on the people of Palestine!

  34. Ekram Aweis

    Ceasefire now

  35. Steven W Largent

    Learn to live together.

  36. Maggie Long

    Ceasefire now.

  37. Frederick Osman

    We believe in the sanctity of human life and oppose indiscriminate killing. The simple fact of the ever-rising death toll in Gaza makes the complete the immediate ceasefire a moral imperative.

  38. Jackie Latham

    Please end the fighting, now

  39. Janon

    Please stop the killing.

  40. Rick Lamonica

    AlanMinsky & Mike Fox are brilliant! How can we get you on the DNC?

    • Debra Schrishuhn

      Now there’s a super idea!

  41. Ethan Grossman

    tikuun olam

  42. Georgene Sink

    I will not vote for any Democrat in the next election unless you dramatically adjust your support of genocide in Gaza

  43. Vy Linh Nguyen

    I am a Vietnamese boat person whose life has been wrecked by war even after the Vietnam War ended. I am in support of peaceful protests against anything, notably the engagement in sideism by individuals and governments, that perpetuates this cycle of violence between Palestinians and Israelis.

  44. Taylor Abbey

    CEASE FIRE NOW Free Palestine end the occupation. Stop sending out tax dollars to support a genocide!

  45. Maxime Cuchet

    Ceasefire NOW to save Palestinian lives from further injustice.

    • Victoria Sweda

      Please stop the killing of innocent civilians on both sides!


    I support a 2 state solution and peace in Gaza. Hold Israel accountable for their part in this horrendous ordeal. The Gov’t of Israel is not innocent and the Palestinian people deserve justice and fair treatment. They are not Hamas.

  47. Stephanie

    I support ceasefire in Gaza/Israel conflict. War and death perpetuate war and death they are not a true path to peace

  48. Jamie Valentine

    Please allow those poor children to live.

  49. Sara Zapata


  50. Caroline Meckstroth

    My community calls for President Biden to call a ceasefire in Gaza immediately.
    The longer this has gone on the more this has damaged Israel’s image, and damaged the Biden re-election, and damaged the chances of a two state solution. Most Americans want you to persuade Israel to ceasefire.

  51. Zeinab

    Enough children have been killed!!!
    This is a genocide against innocent civilians!!
    Ceasefire in Gaza now!!

  52. Jim Head

    Let’s protect lives

  53. Anita

    Traumatized by Netanyahu’s revenge behavior and his occupation and by my tax dollars that promote his authoritative control of water, food and energy, and of his training of the world’s police.