RSVP Now for WEDNESDAY: Saving/Expanding Social Security with Alex Lawson on Disabilities Team call

Mar 26, 2024 | PDA News

Join Inspirational Leader/Activist Alex Lawson as we lay out how we WILL not only Save Social Security, but Expand it! RSVP now.


The billionaires have been trying to either privatize or shrink Social Security for decades. Trump and MAGA are now on the record that this is a high priority for them.

Our response: NOT ON OUR WATCH!

And Alex Lawson, the inspirational Executive Director and longtime ally of PDA, will lay out what we need to do/what we all can do to make sure we save this safety net for not only ourselves, but for future generations. For the disabled community, and us all!

It’s our job to make it happen, together. Let’s do it!

Join us!

PDA Disabilities Issue Organizing Team March  Meeting
Wednesday, March 27
8pm ET; 7pm CT; 6pm MT; 5pm PT and AZ; 4pm AK; 2pm HI
Click here to register and the machine will email you your secure codes.

You’ll leave energized, organized, and more hopeful.

Hope to see you!

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA Disabilities Issue Organizing Team


  1. Frank Spitzig

    I frequently find myself unable to attend these ZOOM sessions live. Is there any way to access recorded versions of these things after the fact, whether in text or video format?


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