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May 29, 2024 | PDA News

Join us Thursday, May 30, 9pm ET/6pm PT, for How We Keep the Wins Coming: RSVP now!

JAMAAL_BONNIE_PADORA_VERT_200.jpgWe have several vital elections coming up, and we need a full team effort nationwide to bring home these crucial victories. Many primaries are quickly approaching.

Squad Member Jamaal Bowman (NY-16) is right in the crosshairs of AIPAC and other dark money players because of his principled progressive stands.

We’ve endorsed Bonnie Watson-Coieman several times, and she’s been a stalwart Progressive Caucus Member and champion for Expanded and Improved Medicare for All, Peace, and all of our other issues.

John Padora (CO-04) is a future Squad Member, and an inspiring voice for addressing additional issues, economic justice, and crushed our questionnaire.


There’s no question we have paths to victory, but it’s going to take the kind of ground and air game we saw with Summer Lee in Pennsylvania.
And there’s more coming.

While much of the news coverage is gloom and doom, we remain hopeful by focusing our efforts on getting these tremendous progressives elected/re-elected.

As a movement we must stay focused on our opportunities to prevent the corporatist/AIPAC forces from driving us backwards. We have the opportunity here to make a real difference electorally, and we must capitalize on it, now!

Join us tonight to find out how you can make a real difference!

PDA Campaign For Victory Team Call
Thurs., 5/30
9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT and AZ
Register here and the machine will email you your secure codes.

You’ll leave energized and organized.

Invite your progressive friends!

Looking forward to seeing you.

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team


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