RSVP Now for This Sunday: How Progressives Can Win Rural America

Apr 14, 2023 | PDA News

Rural and Small Town America have Suffered Severe Declines Over the Past Four Decades. Neoliberal Politicians, Whether Republican or Democratic, have No Solutions. Progressives Do! RSVP Now for Sunday



PDA is proud to be partnering with rural- and small town-based organizations and activists to develop a 21st-Century Rural New Deal.

One of the excellent groups we’re working with is the Rural Urban Bridge Initiative (RUBI). On Sunday we will hear from co-founder of RUBI, Anthony Flaccavento.

Anthony will discuss—among other things—how a progressive economic program, developed in coordination with the people of rural and small towns, could be a game-changer in so-called red-state America—so long as progressives truly listen to and respect working people across the entire country.

Also, joining us will be Jamie McLeod-Skinner, a PDA-endorsed congressional candidate in 2022. Jamie developed an exemplary rural- and small town-policy platform in her recent campaign and we are honored to have her work with PDA on developing the 21st-Century Rural New Deal platform.

You won’t want to miss this Sunday’s Town Hall. Trust me, it will make clear not only how progressives differ from corporate neoliberal Democrats, but also why we represent a transformative movement of real hope and possibility for the people and the planet.

Join us!

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team



    I registered but missed this due to another event that lasted longer than expected. I hail from a farm family, went off to college. Will you be offering this topic again?

    • Matt Fouts

      You can rewatch the town hall on YouTube at the this link:

      I am certain we will revisit the topic again, as it is an ongoing effort!

  2. Angela Clark

    I will be in Attendance thanks.