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Sep 24, 2021 | PDA News

Thanks, and onward!
Dr. Bill Honigman for the PDA National Team

Join Our Healthcare Emergency Town Hall
Sunday, 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific


COVID19Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is keenly aware that the predatory prices of prescription drugs are an outrage in the U.S. They cause far too many of us to have untreated or under-treated medical conditions, resulting in preventable deaths and disabilities, pain, suffering, and human loss, that can no longer be tolerated for the sake of the corporate class.

Congress needs to pass the infrastructure reconciliation bill, called for by President Biden, that allows the federal government to negotiate drug prices for Medicare as it already does for the Veterans Health system. PDA has been right there fighting alongside our many coalition partners in the struggle during this budget debate to do just that.

Join us for the PDA Healthcare Emergency Town Hall Sunday, September 26, 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific to discuss these efforts to get more Members of Congress on board for both #MedicareExpansion as well as #MedicareForAll with a Capitol Hill debrief from Legislative Director for National Nurses United Amirah Sequeira, and a deep dive on the economics of drugs and the costly effect on all of us of their overpricing from Healthcare Economist Dr. Jerry Friedman, Ph.D., author of the book, The Case for Medicare for All.

Then sign up to volunteer for other healthcare projects and/or donate as well if you are able.



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