Republicans Shut Down Government And We Soldier On For Justice

Jan 21, 2018

By   The PDA National Team

Stay tuned on what our next steps are, outside of getting to a Women’s March near you today or tomorrow.

Here are some thoughts from PDA national staff on the Republican government shutdown.

Donna Smith, Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America said, “We thank the coalition with whom we stood in solidarity demanding #NoDreamNoDeal. We thank those U.S. Senators who honored their word and acted on behalf of all of our children—including the Dreamers who deserve a clean Dream Act as well as all of the children covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) who need funding for that program. Of course both of these issues could and should have been resolved several months ago.”

Smith added, “To pit one group of our children against the other is not governing. It is unethical and cruel. As a mother, I feel that Trump is trying to impose a choice of saving some children while sacrificing others, reminiscent of ‘Sophie’s Choice.’ We reject this cruel, cynical, and hurtful tactic. All children are precious. No child is a bargaining chip. We honor and thank those leaders who stood for and with us last night.”

Mike Fox, PDA Deputy Director said, “Trump finally got his wish. He’s spoken of the value of government shutdowns in the past. Well his dream has come true. Republicans have the majority in both Houses of Congress, yet still fail at governing. This is just the latest Republican fiasco. They may finally be learning that they have to reach out to Democrats in a meaningful and sincere way. After this latest Republican stunt, we believe voters will vote for candidates who will govern responsibly in 2018–progressive Democrats, not obstructionist Republicans.”

PDA Communications Director Mike Hersh said, “Donald Trump was sworn into office a year ago today, and Congressional Republican majorities were sworn in even earlier. They’ve had plenty of time to renew funding for children’s healthcare, but they wasted that time trying to take away healthcare instead. Trump unilaterally reversed protection for DREAMers—young people who came here as children—then he called on Congress to legislate a Dream Act and promised to sign it. Instead, he inexplicably sabotaged a bipartisan agreement, breaking his word. The Republicans have had a year to get their work done, but they failed. This is a Republican failure to govern. This is a Trump Shutdown. This is a Republican Shutdown.”

#TrumpShutdown.  #NoDreamNoDeal.

The struggle continues.  And together, we we will win.

In solidarity,

The PDA National Team