Rep. Raul Grijalva Puts His Body Into The Machine

Sep 19, 2017

Photo credit Getty Images

By   Mike Fox for Dan, Jenise, and the rest of the PDA AZ team

Far too often we’re met with congress people who talk a very smooth game, but when the time comes to act?  Crickets.

AZ-03 Congressman and PDA Advisory Board member Raul Grijalva is definitely not one of those disappointments.  In fact he just got arrested outside of Trump Tower, standing for Dreamers and DACA.

Raul Grijalva is a man who will put his body into the gears of the machine in order to fight for what is right.

Now, we need to show our appreciation for his efforts with a kind contribution to make sure he returns to DC.

Tucson PDA Chapter Head (and lucky Raul constituent) Jenise Porter sums it up well, saying,”Once again, Raul does the right thing.  As always.”

Arizona State PDA Leader Dan O’Neal says,”We’re proud to have Raul Grijalva on our Advisory Board at PDA.  He’s been a leader on not only immigration issues, but all across the progressive agenda spectrum.  From the environment, to income inequality and all facets of social justice.  He’s always a man who leads by example, and we all benefit from his courage.”

So please show your respect for Raul’s courageous stands, and help him get re-elected and help us continue to work on his behalf during election cycles, and with our work to protect DACA.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with Raul.  We hope you’ll stand with us as well.

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for Dan, Jenise, and the rest of the PDA AZ team