Rep. Mark Pocan joins us for Maxwell Frost event Wednesday. RSVP Now!

Jun 14, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Mike Fox for the PDA national team

Join Our Special National Event with Maxwell Wednesday, June 15, 9pm ET/6pm PT Featuring Rep. Mark Pocan


Were excited to have Chair Emeritus of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Rep. Mark Pocan, WI-02, with us for our special national event for Maxwell Alejandro Frost. Rep. Pocan has given Max his full-throated endorsement, and we’re proud to be standing with him as we’ve been in with Max since the early days of his campaign.

Max started his activism at age 15 after the Parkland shooting in Florida. He’s seen the carnage at the Pulse Nightclub in his hometown of Orlando, and he recently was a survivor of gun violence, himself.

The events in Texas have only bolstered his resolve to make a real difference in this battle against gun violence.

Besides being a genuinely caring person with love in his heart and who scores 100% on our progressive stances, this issue is of special salience for him, and he’s the type of leader who won’t be afraid to stand up to power, as was shown in his recent face-off with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Join this special PDA event with Maxwell as we discuss not only gun violence, but all of the progressive positions of ours that he shares and will advocate for in DC.

PDA Maxwell Alejandro Frost Event Featuring Rep. Mark Pocan
Wednesday, June 15
9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT/5pm AK/3pm HI

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This passionate young progressive has also gotten the support of Elizabeth Warren, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Ro Khanna, and Mark Ruffalo

He has put his body into the machine by getting arrested for peaceful demonstration, and was first approached to run for Congress by folks he was arrested with. 

He has run successful national organizing efforts and GOTV operations, and knows the grassroots ground game as well as any candidate we’ve ever endorsed.

Max is passionate, bright, inspiring, and wise beyond his years, and will make a tremendous progressive Member of Congress.

We hope you’ll join us Wednesday. No question you’ll leave with a spring in your step and hope in your heart.