Renowned progressive economist Gerald Friedman supports PDA. Here’s why.

Oct 17, 2021 | PDA News

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We’re so proud to share this message from world-renowned economist and Bernie advisor Gerald Friedman, PhD:

There is a story, perhaps apocryphal, that Franklin Roosevelt, when meeting progressive activists pushing a new initiative, said: “Well, you’ve convinced me. Now make me do it.” They did. Labor organizers enrolled workers in unions and conducted strikes. Activists pushed for support for the unemployed and the poor, elderly, and disabled, and Civil Rights activists renewed campaigns that dated back to the beginning of the Republic. And that’s how we got the Wagner Act, unemployment insurance, Social Security, and ended segregation. All of these were done by politicians meeting the demands of their constituents mobilized by activists.

That is what Progressive Democrats of America is all about. It was founded to build a Democratic Party and a nation controlled by its people. This does not just happen because we have constitutional protections, good lawyers, or even the best politicians. Our democracy works for the people when the people are organized and mobilized. Progressive Democrats of America builds our democracy by involving its citizens. Every phone call, every letter, every visit to the Capitol in Washington or a congressional office moves us closer to making our leaders do what the people need. That is why I am proud to support Progressive Democrats of America.

And we at PDA are equally proud of his support.

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